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Video on how the Soprano works

An easy-to-understand video of how the Soprano Laser works for hair removal


The video looks at the cutting-edge technology behind the Soprano’s SHR (Super Hair Removal) mode, a method for hair removal. It showcases how this mode leverages an 810 nanometer diode laser, meticulously designed to target hair follicles sitting deep within the dermis layer. The SHR mode is distinguished by its ability to maintain a high average power output, achieving a swift repetition rate of 10 pulses per second. This capability supports a seamless “in-motion” technique for hair removal, ensuring efficient and thorough treatment.

What truly distinguishes SHR is its innovative low fluence approach. This technique gently delivers heat in pulses, gradually elevating the temperature to 45 degrees Celsius in both the hair follicle and the surrounding tissue. This methodical heating effectively impairs the follicle and also cleverly uses the adjacent tissue as a thermal reservoir, significantly boosting the treatment’s effectiveness.

A key feature highlighted in the video is the Sapphire cooling tip attached to the handpiece. This component is crucial as it provides immediate contact cooling to the epidermis, effectively preventing superficial heat injuries. This ensures that the hair removal process is both efficient and exceptionally safe and comfortable for the patient.

The Soprano XL’s SHR mode is portrayed as a virtually painless solution for hair removal, offering durable results. It emphasises a commitment to skin protection and patient comfort, making it a revolutionary choice in the field of hair removal treatments.


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