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Jawline Fillers In Norwich

Loss of definition within the jawline is a tell-tale sign of ageing. Made worse by sun damage, the natural process of gravity can cause the jaw and chin to sag, resulting in a droopy appearance that can affect the look of the entire face.

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What are Jawline fillers?

Luckily, the jawline is one of the most well-responsive areas to fillers. Here at The Doctors Laser Clinic, we specifically inject the Radiesse range of fillers into this area to instantly create volume beneath the skin. The jawline will look more defined and chiselled, resulting in a significantly younger-looking appearance the whole face will benefit from.

Jawline filler treatment should take approximately half an hour with the vast majority of people being able to return to their daily activities almost straight away. Results of this Radiesse treatment should last up to 12 months.

Patient Feedback

As I’ve got older (55 next birthday) the lines from my nose to the side of my mouth have become deeper – menopausal and grumpy will do that. But luckily I have Alison to work her magic. She is sooo gentle, I never feel any pain and I am a big sissy. She did each side with a tiny amount of filler and the result was instant and fabulous – it really is incredible what a difference it makes. I had fillers in my jawline recently and the result was brilliant but what is even better is that it continues to improve. I am a total convert.
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Define your appearance

The RADIESSE® range of dermal fillers are used for smoothing moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds (the creases that extend from the corner of your nose to the corner of your mouth). RADIESSE® is also used for correcting volume loss in the back of the hands.

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Dermal fillers in Norwich
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Full Facial Rejuvenation

At The Doctors Laser Clinic we take a holistic approach when treating patients. That’s why we often suggest fillers in multiple areas of the face to give a full facial rejuvenation result. 

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All of our team have a special interest in skin and are happy to discuss your problem with you. We use only the best equipment on the market.

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All treatments start with an initial consultation with one of our team. During your consultation we learn about your areas of concern and treatment goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

During your consultation with us, we’ll answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Different fillers work best in different areas. So, before treatment actually begins, you’re able to discuss your exact requirements with an experienced practitioner to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved. Due to the ultra-fine needle we use to inject, it’s unlikely you’ll feel much pain. But, if you’re worried, we’ll apply a local anaesthetic or numbing cream for maximum comfort.

Results will be visible almost immediately after treatment. During the first couple of days after the procedure you may experience minor bruising and swelling, especially if your lips are being treated due to the incredibly high blood supply in that area. However, any side-effects you experience will subside within a mere couple of days, resulting in your desired look with no harm or damage caused. Unfortunately, dermal fillers aren’t permanent as they’re biodegradable. This means that the body will slowly metabolise them, causing the treatment area to revert back to its original form. So, when results begin to fade, we suggest booking a top-up appointment as soon as possible to ensure you consistently maintain your desired look.


All our staff have been vaccinated against Covid-19 thus reducing mutual risk. As a Covid-Safe, CQC Registered Medical Clinic with Ventilation that ensures TWELVE air changes per hour your safety is our priority. 

We are continuing to adhere to strict protocols so the car park will continue as our waiting room for the time being. We look forward to welcoming you back!

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