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CALECIM® Professional Skincare

CALECIM® Professional is developed from skin regeneration technology. Scientists have discovered how proteins derived from Cord Lining Stem Cells are able to treat symptoms of ageing.

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extracts of umbilical cord lining

All CALECIM® Professional skincare contains extracts of umbilical cord lining providing skin with: 

  • Consolidated Peptides or Glycoproteins: an important role in intercellular cross-talk
  • Soluble Collagen: provides skin with strength, shape and form
  • Albumin: maintains skin turgor and fullness
  • Fibronectin: binds to collagen, increasing its strength
  • Hyaluronic Acid: binds to water molecules to plump up skin

The parent company of CALECIM® Professional, CellResearch Corporation, is a biotechnology company that discovered the presence of stem cells in the umbilical cord lining over 10 years ago. It has been found that this is the richest source of epithelial and mesenchymal stem cells from a non-embryonic source. CALECIM® Professional draws on its parent company’s patented stem cell knowledge that is currently also being utilised in US FDA clinical trials for wound-healing.

The CALECIM® Professional skincare line is backed by an extensive body of science. Its pivotal technology is derived from Umbilical Cord Lining. The patented, source of stem cells secretes a powerful mix of proteins, growth factors and cytokines which direct skin cells to behave in a ‘youthful’ manner.

Really Hydrated!

The serum absorbs fast into my skin and it is not sticky at all! My skin feels really hydrated and smooth after use. Love it! Will definitely purchase it again!
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There is evidence of skin renewal, rejuvenation and restoration when skin cells are exposed to Cord Lining Conditioned Media, as shown in-vitro. These cellular messages work in tandem to activate skin cells to act in a more youthful manner. They are able to work on multiple signs of aging to achieve skin that is healthier, more resilient and radiant.

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