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Plexr Eye Lid Correction

Plexr Eyelid Correction In Norwich

Plexr is a popular treatment at The Doctors Laser Clinic in Norwich. It involves correction of the eyelid area, restoring youth and reducing the sagging effect around the eyes we get as we age. The treatment is popular for both men and women.

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What Is Eyelid Correction?

As we age, baggy eyelids or under-eye bags are extremely common. Skin will naturally begin to sag around the eyes due to a loss in elasticity, resulting in a baggy effect. Some baggy eyelids are more severe than others, with surgery often being the only option for them to be eliminated and tightened – until now. Using the innovative Plexr procedure, we’re able to completely transform the appearance of baggy eyelids without surgery. Eyes will instantly be lifted with bags significantly reduced, creating a youthful-looking appearance with open, awake-looking eyes.

The Plexr system uses miniscule plasma beam shots spaced closely together. This causes tissue retraction and tightening, significantly reducing the appearance of bags and giving the eyes an overall firmer appearance. Better still, this treatment is precise enough to avoid affecting any of the surrounding skin. No damage will occur as no heat will be transferred.

Patient Feedback

The Plexr was my second treatment for smoke lines & the results will be revealed when it’s healed. I’m sure I’ll be pleased with the results as the first treatment had made quite a difference.
Plexr Patient

Advanced Technology

The Plexr treatment provides a great alternative to surgical procedures such as blepharoplasty (eyelid correction). These surgical procedures often come with lengthy downtimes and surgical risk, not to mention the painful recovery.

Plexr before and after
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All of our team have a special interest in skin and are happy to discuss your problem with you. We use only the best equipment on the market.

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All treatments start with an initial consultation with one of our team. During your consultation we learn about your areas of concern and treatment goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

During your consultation with us, we’ll answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Treatment length will vary dependent on whether you wish to have both eyes treated together. Typically, one treatment session takes about 30 minutes. During the procedure, you may feel slight discomfort. If necessary, a local anaesthetic cream can be applied before treatment begins, although you may still feel slight hot, tingling sensation.

Afterwards, you may experience swelling around the eyes accompanied with redness. This is completely normal and will likely subside within a few days. If you experience any crusting or scabbing, it’s essential to keep the area clean and contact the clinic immediately if you suspect infection. More than one treatment is likely to be needed for optimum results and complete eye bag elimination. However, treatments can only be administered 6 weeks’ apart to ensure maximum safety and skin maintenance.


All our staff have been vaccinated against Covid-19 thus reducing mutual risk. As a Covid-Safe, CQC Registered Medical Clinic with Ventilation that ensures TWELVE air changes per hour your safety is our priority. 

We are continuing to adhere to strict protocols so the car park will continue as our waiting room for the time being. We look forward to welcoming you back!

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