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Rethinking Your Inking?

As summer is in full swing, and people generally wear less now, we thought folks might be thinking about (and maybe regretting) their tattoos. We decided to add another article about our tattoo removal service.

Reasons why patients want a tattoo removed

We don’t really need to give you a reason. If you are reading this, you, or maybe a loved one, have a tattoo you think should not be there for whatever reason. During consultation, or while patients are having their tattoos removed, the conversation sometimes turns to the reasons why they want that Japanese symbol or cute-ish rabbit removed. Often a patient will imbibe the reason for having the tattoo in the first place. We are not here to judge anyone as to the reasons; we are just here to facilitate tattoo removal.

The (sometimes unmentioned) reasons why patients want a tattoo removed

  • Ex Marks the Spot: Nothing says “moving on”, like erasing a former flame’s name, does it?
  • Mismatched Masterpiece: Skin changes, ink changes. You know it’s a dolphin, but If you have to explain it’s a dolphin, it doesn’t really look like a dolphin, does it?
  • Dia-tribal: That tribal tattoo from the ’90s is simply not trendy now.
  • Impulsively Inking: A holiday + too many drinks = a lifetime of “Why did I get this?”
  • Tattoo Taboo: You have just met a new partner, and they comment that they despise tattoos. Whoops.
  • New Chapter, New Canvas: Sometimes, removing old ink signifies a fresh start.
  • Space for New Tales: Out with the old, in with the new. Making room for new ink stories.
  • Fashion Faux Pas: Fashions change a lot. Tattoos change, just a lot, lot slower.

How fashion trends can expose tattoos

Here are a few examples of where tattoos and fashion may clash:
  • Crop Top Catastrophe: Midriff tattoos become more visible with the resurgence of crop tops.
  • Off-Shoulder Overture: Shoulder tattoos are accentuated when wearing off-shoulder tops or dresses.
  • Sleeveless Scenarios: Upper arm tattoos are exposed in sleeveless attire.
  • Slit Surprises: Thigh tattoos can be revealed unexpectedly with high-slit skirts or dresses.
  • Backless Blunders: Spine tattoos are prominently displayed in backless outfits.
  • Hemline Hazards: Tattoos on the lower leg or calf become noticeable when wearing shorter skirts or shorts.
  • Cut-Out Conundrums: Side or ribcage tattoos might be revealed with dresses or tops featuring side cut-outs.
  • Plunge Pitfalls: Chest tattoos can be accentuated with deep V-necklines.
  • Ankle Angst: Ankle tattoos become more pronounced when wearing footwear like sandals or low-cut shoes.
  • Collar Curveballs: Tattoos on the nape or upper back can be exposed with certain necklines or updo hairstyles.

We know lasers.

The tattoo removal solution? You need laser tattoo removal. You need an expert clinic specialising in lasers and laser tattoo removal. As I said, we are not here to judge. We have seen it all before. To book a free consultation, call us on 01603 360 360.

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