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The Lip Filler Trend 

Lip fillers

Why we’re so obsessed with the perfect pout.

The trend for lip fillers is obvious. Just check out the latest fashion and gossip magazines. It seems to be the go-to treatment for the Instagram generation. If you were under any illusions about the popularity of the treatment, check out the video below.

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This clip is interesting as it’s a real eye-opener to the demand for this treatment. It’s so scary however, that young girls are lusting after enhancements. Thank goodness for reputable practitioners who take the time and make the checks before performing any procedure.  It also highlights a trend, for very full, quite clearly enhanced, lips. This is a very personal choice.

Call us cautious, but here at Doctors Laser Clinic we always say less is more. That’s why you won’t come in to the clinic and leave with lips like lovely Mia. If you want a very full lip, we believe that you need to get there gradually and we can help you get there. However most of our clients want to look like themselves but just more youthful and radiant. This is our thing. For our dermal filler treatments, we use the market leading Belotero® Balance injectable filler – a revolutionary filler ingredient designed to integrate into facial skin tissue and deliver immediate results upon treatment. The unique manufacturing process for Belotero® Balance yields a soft and cohesive gel that, once injected, instantly fills and plumps the lips. Belotero® Balance is made of hyaluronic acid, a natural component of skin, which is why treatments continue to deliver fantastic, natural looking results. So we won’t be totally reshaping your lips overnight, rather working with your natural lip shape and enhancing this area so it becomes a feature you can be proud of.

As we always say here at Doctors Laser Clinic, each client needs to be treated individually and always by a qualified practitioner. Book a consultation now to find out how we can reveal your more youthful appearance. Call us at 01603 360360 or email info@laserdocs.co.uk.


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