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Kiss Me Quick! A super-fast Q & A about Lip Fillers ready for Valentine’s Day

Kiss me quick


Lip fillers are the perfect way to add extra volume and plumpness to lips which may be lacking in shape or elasticity.  What better time to focus on your lips than Valentine’s Day.

Q – What are lip fillers and are they safe?

A – Here at The Doctors Laser Clinic we use award winning Belotero HA fillers. It contains Hyaluronic acid, a substance which naturally occurs in the body and so it’s completely safe to use. We choose this product because it integrates so easily with your own skin-tissue.

Q – How long do lip fillers last?

A – It is a long-lasting treatment, but it’s not permanent as the Hyaluronic Acid gets naturally absorbed back into the body. Most of our clients continue to show visible improvements for at least 9 months after treatment. Many opt for follow-up treatments every 6-12 months to maintain optimum kiss-ability.

Q – Do lip fillers hurt?

A – During the treatment, clients generally report a small degree of discomfort. Some clients choose to have anaesthetic cream applied to the lips, which should make the treatment more comfortable.

Q – I want my lips to look natural but subtly fuller – How do you avoid the ‘duck lips’ look?

A – We deliver a natural-looking enhancement and we work with the natural shape of the lips to add volume and definition to ensure this is delivered to every single client. ‘Duck lips’ often occur when the wrong type or too much filler has been used.

At The Doctors Laser Clinic you’ll only ever be treated by a fully qualified and registered healthcare professional. We only use the highest grade medical products and perform all treatments in a clinical environment, with strict protocol and procedures to follow.

Q – When will I see results?

A – You will instantly notice a difference but for the product to completely settle in it may take 2-3 weeks.

Q – Is there any downtime?

A – For up to 2 weeks after your treatment you should avoid extreme warm environments such as saunas or sunbeds as the product settles. Manipulation of the treated area should also be avoided.

So what are you waiting for? Book in for an individual consultation and let’s get your lips ready for some serious romance. Visit The Doctors Laser Clinic for Norwich lip fillers or Call us at 01603 360360 or email info@laserdocs.co.uk.


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