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Getting the best out of your bits: Surgery Vs Femilift

Out of all of the treatments we offer here in Doctors Laser Clinic, the procedure which potentially gives the most significant results for our clients is the FemiLift – a procedure which uses tiny precision lasers inside the vagina to remodel and tighten the vagina-walls.

With age, we sometimes feel our bodies are not preforming as they once were. Our clients come to us because they feel that they want to improve the function of the vaginal area. Sometimes the main motivation is driven from mild/medium urine incontinence, other times it is to improve the vaginal laxity, which in turn enhances sexual pleasure. Traditionally these intimate procedures would have required anaesthetic, surgery and recovery.  Ouch.

However technology has advanced. We are talking about our most delicate areas and we therefore advocate the most delicate of procedures in FemiLift. Bye-bye scalpel – thank goodness.

Laser operations are clearly superior to traditional, surgical procedures. Most importantly for many, using laser equipment means that this is pain-free procedure with some clients just reporting a warming sensation. Our Alma laser makes tiny incisions and removes tissue inside the vagina with extreme precision. This guarantees a natural result without scars or bruises formed in the area. The remodelling of the vagina walls stimulates collagen and elastin fiber construction and helps improve the pelvic floor. Recovery and a return to daily activities happen very quickly following the procedure. So rather than needing post-surgery down-time, you get straight back in the saddle (ahem!) almost immediately.

Be prepared for a massive boost in self-esteem, increased control over urinary functions and heightened sexual sensations. Sounds life changing eh?  The technology behind FemiLift really is ground breaking and really is changing lives in a non-invasive way.

Here at Doctors Laser Clinic we acknowledge that conventional surgery will continue to successfully treat the more severe cases of incontinence, and will have a place for when more invasive reconstruction of women’s delicate areas are required, but for the more common complaints we have as we get older, surgery should be a thing of the past.  Phew (un-crosses legs)

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