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Self face package

Is your face revealing your true beauty? Could it be that aging, sun exposure, or blemishes are leaving you feeling less than radiant. Well if there’s anywhere on our bodies which sometimes need a little refresh surely it’s the face.

In recognition of this, we have put together a brilliant facial package which includes our most popular treatments and which offers your great value. The three components will have you glowing and feeling super inside-and-out.

Skin Rejuvenation  Whether it’s a specific problem such as age-spots or scarring or a desire to address some of the general signs of aging we have the latest technology and treatments to make you look more youthful. With our individual consultation we will talk through your options.  People will be wondering just how you are looking so good!

Botox for smoothing away those lines and wrinkles The small injections of Botox directly in to the skin relax the facial muscles and minimise the look of lines and results in a fresher and healthier looking you. Through consultation we will discuss the right treatment for you. The results are really amazing and can also have a huge boost in your self-confidence too. Farewell frown-lines. Catch you later crow’s feet!

Plexr This is a new technology which we are so excited to offer our clients. This involves using miniscule plasma beams to ‘lift’ specific areas on the face.  We are finding one of the most popular applications is for the eye-lid area to address the baggy skin we sometimes have through aging, but there are other opportunities we can explore with you. The results have been incredible. There is no surgery and no pain. The precision of Plexr means that the treatment is fast, effective and provides instant results.

So call all us on 01603 360360 or email info@laserdocs.co.uk and let’s get back your youthful glow.

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All our staff have been vaccinated against Covid-19 thus reducing mutual risk. As a Covid-Safe, CQC Registered Medical Clinic with Ventilation that ensures TWELVE air changes per hour your safety is our priority. 

We are continuing to adhere to strict protocols so the car park will continue as our waiting room for the time being. We look forward to welcoming you back!

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