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Pain Free Hair Removal

Hair removal is performed by gently stroking the handpiece of The Soprano ICE Laser backwards and forwards over your skin for a few minutes.

At The Doctors Laser Clinic, your hair will fall out in 2-3 weeks!

Up until this point, all hair removal lasers have worked on the basis of flashing a single high-intensity light shot into the skin, a bit like a camera flash bulb going off.  In fact, that is what IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is.  And it has always carried the risk of burns.  Hair can be stunned with small hand-held IPL machines that fire at energy levels of about 7 joules per shot.  A bit like a little rubber band being flicked against the skin.  In order to get permanent hair removal, by roasting the root of the hair, energies of 25 – 50 joules are needed – the higher the energy the more painful and thus the greater the risk of burns.

Alma Lasers have created The Soprano ICE Pain-Free Hair Laser, which has become the Gold Standard of Laser Hair Removal systems and is now available at the Laserdocs clinic in Poringland, Norwich, Norfolk.  We have the most highly qualified team of Doctors, Nurses and a beauty therapist working in Hair Removal in the region.  We specialise in sensitive areas and pain-free hair removal.

The Soprano ICE Pain-Free Hair Free diode laser works by repeatedly flashing ten times a second at about 10 joules of energy per flash.  As we stroke the laser backwards and forwards across your skin it feels like a hot stone massage.  Deep in the skin, however, the laser penetrates to the hair root and slowly warms it up to about 43C – which effectively cooks the hair painlessly and kills it without causing heat damage to all the other skin structures.  Two weeks later, the hair sheds while you experience a pain-free process of hair removal.

We treat according to your hair cycle and do not follow a slavish 6-week regimen.  Every client is different – some need 4 weekly treatments others can go as long as 4 months between treatments.  We honour all packages for a year.

The patented Pain-Free Hair Free technology used in the Soprano ICE laser in the hands of our experienced team, who have all undergone rigorous training schedules, guarantees superb results, with most clients achieving 90%+ hair free after 6 treatments pain-free.  

Many of our customers opt for occasional top-ups so as to keep as close to 100% hair free for months on end.  We are confident here at The Doctors Laser Clinic that our results are amongst the best in the region, using the latest technology for pain free hair removal by specialist doctors.

Call us today on 01603 360 360 for pain-free laser hair removal

If you would like to know more about permanent pain-free laser hair removal in Norwich or Norfolk, then feel free to contact us to arrange a consultation at the Laser Doctors Hair Removal Clinic.


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