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Why laser hair removal is better than waxing

To Wax or Not to Wax, Waxing – You Decide

Waxing is wonderful.  Immediate, smooth, soft skin, instantaneous gratification. Like childbirth, the pain is worth it.  Smooth as a baby – but babies don’t get hairy for years!

So why is it that 100% of our clients at The Doctors Laser Clinic have tried waxing and then turned to Pain Free Laser Hair Removal using the Gold Standard Soprano Diode Laser?  Pain Free Hair Free ‘in motion technology’.

1.    Waxing is usually painful – sometimes excruciatingly so!  Laser hair removal at The Doctors Laser Clinic is not painful.  Like a hot stone massage.

2.    Many men and women often get a nasty nappy rash with red, spotty inflamed, irritating areas.  Soprano Laser hair removal reduces bacterial burden and improves inflamed follicles from the very first session.  The skin reconditions and long term pigmentation lifts out.

3.    It is not uncommon to suffer bruises and torn skin when bikini waxing intimate areas.  Because of its unique method The Soprano Laser does not carry the same risk of burns as other lasers.

4.    Bikini waxing often increases the number of ingrowing hairs. From the very first laser treatment here at the Laserdocs clinic in Norfolk ingrowers reduce dramatically.

5.    At times infection can be so bad that antibiotics and hospitalisation are needed for drainage of abscesses.

6.    Bikini waxing only lasts for a fortnight and has to be repeated every 4-6 weeks at a cost of £30 – £50 a time. With time pressures as well it becomes very expensive in the long run.

7.    Areas that have been waxed look horrible 4-6 weeks afterwards and are often a cause of embarrassment.

“If you want to sell the house you have to keep the lawn mown” – Marilyn Jaeger.

Here at the Laserdocs Clinic Long Stratton near Norwich we use The Soprano XL Laser to give you a gorgeous smooth result that you can take for granted every week of the year.

There are many benefits to permanent hair reduction using The Soprano Laser at The Doctors Laser Clinic which we stroke across the area gently warming the hair roots to the point of killing them off.  An average of six sessions will give 90%+ permanent hair reduction with the option of yearly or half yearly top-ups for those who want to stay really smooth forever.

YES YOU CAN HAVE THE PERFECT BIKINI LOOK!!   Call us today on 01603 360360

If you like to know more about permanent pain free laser hair removal in Norwich or Norfolk then feel free to contact us to arrange a consultation at the Laser Doctors Hair Removal Clinic.



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