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Why Choosing a Save Face Registered Clinic Ensures the Best in Aesthetic Care

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Save Face and Its Significance

You may wonder what some of the logos on our website actually signify. One of these logos we display is Save Face, an organisation that we are proud to be a member of.

The most important considerations with aesthetic treatments are patient safety and quality of services. Save Face, a government-approved register, serves to be a point of assurance, ensuring that every clinic and practitioner listed meets the highest standards of care and professionalism.

Rigorous Practitioner Assessment

A standout feature of Save Face is its comprehensive 116-point assessment process. This meticulous evaluation guarantees that each practitioner is registered, appropriately trained and fully insured, offering patients peace of mind regarding their qualifications and expertise.

Guaranteed Quality and Safety

Save Face’s commitment to safety extends to the products and equipment used in treatments. By ensuring these are safe, effective, and sourced from licensed suppliers, Save Face upholds an environment where patient well-being is the priority.

The products and supplier element is especially pertinent considering the rise in unlicensed and even counterfeit products that are in circulation.

Clinic Environment Standards

The environment in which treatments are conducted is crucial for patient safety. Save Face is unique in inspecting every accredited clinic to ensure they adhere to stringent standards of hygiene and quality, a practice exemplified by clinics like The Doctors Laser Clinic. It’s a little like the inspections the council does for food establishments.

Patient Empowerment and Trust

Through its rigorous standards, Save Face empowers patients to make informed decisions about their treatments.

This approach fosters a relationship of trust between patients and practitioners, which is crucial in the sensitive field of aesthetic care.

Verified Clinics and Practitioners

Clinics like The Doctors Laser Clinic, accredited by Save Face, serve as exemplars in the industry.

Their adherence to Save Face’s standards ensures they offer excellent care, reinforcing the value of choosing a registered clinic.

Save Face Reviews and Ratings

Save Face’s extensive review system is a valuable tool for patients. With thousands of reviews, patients can confidently choose practitioners who are best suited to their needs, backed by the experiences of others.

It’s another place where potential patients can go to have a look at reviews. If you are interested, our pages on Save Face can be found here

Why Choose a Save Face Registered Clinic

Choosing a Save Face registered clinic means opting for a service where safety, quality, and patient satisfaction are not just promised but assured.

A Save Face registered clinic offers the best blend of professional care, safety, and patient-centred service for anyone considering aesthetic treatments.


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