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What is Skin Tightening?

skin tightening

The words ‘skin tightening’ are often heard when discussing various skin treatments, but what does it entail? In this blog post, we look into the physiology of skin tightening and explain the intricate processes that rejuvenate and firm up the skin.

The Physiology of Skin Tightening

The skin, our body’s largest organ and a marvel of nature can repair and rejuvenate itself. When talking about skin tightening, we refer to the skin’s innate ability to heal and regenerate. Microneedling, a popular aesthetic treatment, harnesses this natural ability, but not in the way one might expect.

RF Microneedling for skin tightening

Unlike traditional wounds that undergo a series of healing phases, RF microneedling, or just plain microneedling, doesn’t lead to the classical wound healing process or scar formation. Instead, it facilitates a unique skin repair mechanism without leaving scars. How does this happen?

Cellular communication:

It is thought that its possible microneedling enhances cellular communication and movement through innate electrical signals. When the skin is punctured, even superficially, it can activate a cascade of events that stimulate cellular movement and growth factor expression, all of which facilitate healing. Yet, definitive scientific consensus on this mechanism remains elusive.

Cell Proliferation and MMPs:

The skin’s response to microneedling is also influenced by enzymes known as Matrix-Metallo-Proteinases (MMPs). These enzymes play a pivotal role in balancing cell proliferation. For instance, conditions like acne, which involve increased proliferation of skin cells, have shown improvement with microneedling.

Healing Phases:

Post-microneedling, the skin undergoes distinct healing phases:

  • Inflammation: Lasting about 48 hours, this is the immediate response to microneedling. The skin might appear red and slightly swollen, but these symptoms subside quickly.
  • Proliferation: This phase kicks in right after the treatment and might peak around two months. The exact influence of microneedling on skin stem cells remains a research topic.
  • Remodelling: The skin starts integrating new collagen fibres into its matrix, leading to visible improvement in skin texture and firmness within weeks.

Endymed Tighten: Beyond Traditional Microneedling

Why the emphasis on skin tightening in this article? Because we’re equipped with the top-in-its-class Endymed Tighten machine, a testament to the advancements in skin rejuvenation techniques. But what sets it apart?

RF microneedling, as employed by the Endymed device, combines the principles of traditional microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) technology. While traditional microneedling stimulates the skin’s natural healing process by creating micro-injuries, RF microneedling takes it further. The RF energy, delivered directly into the dermis through these micro-injuries, heats the underlying layers of the skin. This controlled heating process stimulates collagen production and causes the existing collagen fibres to contract, leading to immediate skin tightening.

The synergy of microneedling with RF energy means enhanced benefits. The skin experiences a dual effect: the regenerative properties triggered by microneedling and the collagen-boosting effects of RF energy. The result? A more pronounced and long-lasting skin-tightening effect than traditional microneedling alone can offer. Endymed holds the solution for many skin conditions, including loose, sagging skin, lines and wrinkles, and sun and acne-damaged skin.

Skin tightening at The Doctors Laser Clinic

To find out how skin tightening could work for you, book in for a free consultation with us. If you would like to find out more about this, or any other treatment we offer, feel free to get in touch.



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