I feel like Botox is being talked about more and more in my circle of friends. It’s funny because with new anti-aging treatments breaking on to the market every month, you might expect the popularity of Botox may have peaked, however Botox use continues to rise dramatically year on year. This must be testament to the effectiveness of the product.

So now Botox is being widely used perhaps it’s time for an honest chat about what it is really like to have the treatment. Well here is my experience.

For me, the main area of concern was my forehead. Overtime the fine faint horizontal lines across my forehead had become much more prominent. So for me every time I raised my eye brows I would have a four to five deep lines across my forehead. After consultation with the clinic it was agreed that Botox could improve the appearance of lines in this area. What I hadn’t appreciated is that the clinician would not treat an area if they thought there was no benefit to that treatment.

Having confirmed I was good to go, the second was to establish the right dose. I learnt that the right dosage of the Botox would vary person to person. My main concern was not to appear too ‘frozen’. I was assured that no reputable clinic would want to deliver that result anyway!

Yes, it is a needle, and yes it feels like a needle! So it was not painless, but it is not painful, it was a short sharp pain went very quickly. The needle caused the tiniest bit of blood which was dabbed away quickly. The solution takes 20 minutes to settle in your muscles, so I was advised to stay upright for then. No flopping around then! I was also advised not to undertake strenuous exercise following the treatment (hurray!).

So what about after the treatment? Well to be honest I was a left a little red and blotchy, for a few hours which I felt a little embarrassed about. But the redness soon faded I was left with a few tiny pin prick points, easily covered by make-up.

I was delighted with the results, I could see improvement after a couple of days, but after a couple of weeks I really felt the change. When I moved my eyebrows, my forehead moved much less and without creating the deep wrinkles which were concerning me. I was so pleased. I had decided not to tell many of friends and family about having Botox. For me some of them can be a bit judgey and it was something I wanted to do for myself. I had done my research and made my decision. Anyway not one person asked me whether I had received Botox (I was happy about that). But I was even happier that in the weeks and months following the treatment people complemented my appearance over and over again by saying I looked great, or my skin was glowing. Only I knew the true reason!

Botox really did tackle my forehead lines, the before and after photos were quite remarkable. This change had me walking taller and feeling body-confident. For me it ended up being far more than a treatment to the face.

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