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The prospect of having a cosmetic procedure, even if non invasive, can be daunting. Even at the research stage, you can be faced with a sea of options, with no idea of where to start and nothing to guide your decisions. How long will it take? Will it hurt? Will I need to take time off work? These are all questions that are not only vital to ask, but it’s vital they’re answered by someone qualified to give the correct and safe information.

Each year, thousands of patients subject themselves to non-surgical treatments performed by unqualified practitioners. For example, research carried out by Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group showed that 40% of patients who were administered Botox, a prescription only medicine, were not treated in a clinical environment . Due to the lack of regulation within the industry, almost anyone is able to offer procedures such as dermal fillers, laser treatment and botox. It’s unacceptable, unsafe, and it can have disastrous results.

“Research dictates that the key driver for people choosing a practitioner in this field is cost. This is largely because that they have no vehicle to verify the information provided by practitioners in relation to their qualifications, experience and the products that they use and they have nowhere to turn when something goes wrong.”  Save Face founder and director Ashton Honeyball

So how do you find the right practitioner? With so many options, it’s hard to know where to start. You want someone who is not only qualified and professional, but who other people have recommended. You have to feel safe in the their hands.

“These procedures are designed to make people feel more confident and comfortable with the way they look and in the right hands the results can be fantastic.”  Ashton Honeyball

Save Face is a register created to help consumers make informed decisions about their non-cosmetic procedures. Each practitioner included in their database has had their premises visited by nurses with clinical experience and training. These nurses are fully qualified to assess the premises and practitioners against a set of objective standards, ensuring they are safe to use. Save Face can be used to search and compare practitioners, as well as other services to ensure the consumer is safe and informed, such as guidelines on what to expect from a treatment provider and a checklist of everything to consider before you go ahead.

“We’re incredibly proud to be Save Face accredited practitioners.  They are the pressure group that are forcing the authorities to face up to the need for proper regulation in an industry that is a bit like The Wild West in places.

Save Face have pulled in some of the most highly respected medical and nursing leaders in the Aesthetic market.

In order to get accredited we have to conform to strict codes of conduct, be inspected, insured, audited and show evidence of ongoing professional training.

As one of the first clinics to be accredited in Norfolk and Suffolk we are helping to set the scene for a dramatic improvement in safety standards and customer care that is long overdue.”  Dr Willis, The Doctors Laser Clinic.

If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, or know someone who is, ensure that Save Face is the first place visited to find a safe and suitable practitioner. These treatments should leave you feeling full of confidence, but to make that happen, the process needs to begin knowing that you’re in safe hands.


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