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Thread Vein Removal Before and After

before and after thread vein removal

Before and after Thread Vein Treatment

We created this page as we have patients asking for before and after pictures and also details of thread vein (also known as Spider veins) treatments. We thought it might be useful to provide some tips – dos and don’ts to help you get the most from your treatment. You can find out more on our thread vein removal Norwich or contact the clinic for a consultation here.

thread vein removal before and after thread vein treatment before and after


Before a vein removal appointment

  • It is important that you keep the area to be treated out of the sun for 2-4 weeks. This includes tanning studios. If you are going to expose the area to the sun please wear a high SPF factor cream at all times. Avoid tanning creams for 2-4 weeks too.
  • Stop taking any medications for 2 weeks for products containing tretinoin. Please discuss with your practitioner but in general products containing glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy, 1 week before.
  • Please ensure the area is clean-shaven.
  • Please discontinue the use of aspirin, ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory/ blood thinning medications at least 3 days prior to reduce the risk of bruising.


After the vein removal appointment 

You might experience mild swelling and redness in the treated area after the appointment. If you have any pigment in the treated area you may see it becoming darker and forming into a scab. This is normal. If you experience any swelling or redness we suggest you sleep in a slightly elevated position to help.

  • If you feel any discomfort you can apply a cool compress to the area.
  • If you are going to apply anything to the area please use only mild creams such as Aloe Vera gel. Please ensure it contains no alcohol.
  • We recommend not applying makeup, especially if there is any blistering. If you have no blistering and you really need to apply makeup please use mineral makeup.
  • Stay out of the sun/sun beds and apply high SPF cream if you really have to go out in the sun.
  • Avoid hot baths, saunas, and any heat treatments  for at least 48 hours
  • Avoid picking scabs
  • Avoid exercise for at least 48 hours
  • Avoid using retinoids for 2 days before treatment and 7 days post treatment.


If you have any questions prior to or after your thread vein removal procedure please contact the clinic.


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