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The Leanne Lim Walker Interview – Episode Four

Leanne Lim Walker

We’ve been filming with Leanne Lim Walker and during this time we were lucky enough to catch a few minutes to interview her.

What got you into fashion?

I became more interested in fashion through photography as I liked shooting portraits. I was doing more pictures of women. As a part of the fashion shoots you dress the model up and do all their hair and the make up, so it stemmed from that.

You have a particular style, how did that come about?

I was originally looking at what people wore and thought “that looks nice” and then trying it myself but it just didn’t look right on me. Then I realised that I needed to wear clothes that fitted my proportions as I have short legs and a long torso. I discovered how to style myself, and, with this in mind, I’ve become more confident and more aware of how to put outfits together.

What got you into YouTube ?

I used to watch YouTube for music videos, I didn’t know there was this other world! Then my friend told me to look at people like Zoella, who is now one of my favourites and I found more and more YouTubers and watching their videos I just wanted to be a part of it.

I’ve now been blogging and YouTubing for just over a year and that’s going really well. Last time I looked on my YouTube I think I’m close to 36k subscribers which I didn’t think would happen.

Do you watch other people’s videos?

I love watching videos because, for my attention span, I can sit there and these people talk to me. I can be lazy with reading blogs as I tend to scroll through them and just look at the images. I don’t always read the content. YouTube is good because you can do a lookbook so you can see the items moving around. We’re all quite curious people so it’s nice to see what YouTubers do in their everyday lives and put a personality to these people.

Which videos do you like the most?

I like to look at other bloggers for outfit inspiration because sometimes you can be a bit stuck or sometimes you may have a new item in your wardrobe that you don’t really know how to wear but I like to look at other fashion bloggers because you see new ways of wearing things. Things like layering things up or like wearing a jumper over a dress so that the dress looks like a skirt. They suggest things that I’ve not thought of before. It’s great inspiration and also you see something they’re wearing and you’re like “I’m going to buy that” ­ It’s like they’re personally shopping for you.

What do you Vlog about?

I do monthly haul videos. I usually do those in the first two to three weeks depending on my schedule. Then I do a favourites video once a month. I usually do a vlog, a lookbook or tag video, there’s always so much to do. I do a video every week and I want to do more. It’s just finding the time because it is very time consuming. When I follow people they do one video a week but I want to see more from them. But it’s not always possible when you work and you do all these other things.

Tell me about Company Magazine?

I did the shoot for Company magazine in January. When I got the email I thought “this is crazy, this is Company Magazine, of course I’m going to say yes to it”. Then they said on Twitter that the bloggers had made it to the front cover as well as a two page spread each, that’s just so strange. Then people were buying it and @­ing me on Twitter and Instagram about it. It’s just so weird. It’s amazing that this is my hobby, something that I enjoy and these opportunities can come along.

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