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A little bit about the industry

Prof Sir Bruce Keogh recently submitted what is being called the ‘Keogh Report’ which is calling for regulation of the cosmetic industry.

A half of all plastic surgery procedures in the UK are being performed by practitioners who fly in and fly out from overseas!

There are hairdressers doing Botox and Fillers, using lasers and IPL machines.

As regards lasers there are far too many machines in the hands of completely unqualified people and inadequately trained beauticians.

To all intents and purposes the industry is almost completely unregulated!  The laser and IPL industry was deregulated in Sept 2010.  Reputable clinics have come under huge pressure from the cowboys.  There is a sense of exasperation that those of us who are highly qualified incur great costs making sure it is all done properly – yet we are swamped by fast talking amateurs.

The biggest problem that this lack of regulations has caused is a failure to deliver on results.  Many of the clients referred to The Doctors Laser Clinic complain that they have previously spent a fortune and feel ripped off.  Most of the so-called lasers and IPL machines just aren’t up to the job.  They look very smart but you can’t cut down a tree very effectively with a nail file!  Worst of all, many of the cheap imports drift off setting and cause terrible burns.  Dermatologists are horrified to find patients who have had skin cancers negligently zapped.

The main cost is the cost to the patient when they find they have  been ripped off.  I have clients who have paid £3,000 for bikini area hair removal who look as if they’ve been eaten by moths.  People feel very angry that they been suckered into parting with their money.  They feel too embarrassed to complain.

The Keogh report

Prof Sir Bruce Keogh is The Medical Director of the NHS, he is a heart surgeon but is most famous for his work making sure heart surgery in the UK is amongst the best in the world.  He is a very clever and very powerful man.  When he speaks people listen.  He is a stickler for high standards.  The PIP silicone breast implant scandal was the final straw that finally exposed the cesspit of plastic surgery and aesthetic practice in the UK. Prof Sir Bruce Keogh has recently submitted a report regarding cosmetic intervention and regulation of the Industry.

I feel that anything that involves cutting or needling should be done by a Doctor or a Nurse supervised by a Doctor in a properly regulated and inspected clinic. Most aesthetic laser procedures should be done by a Doctor. Laser Hair Removal can be done by qualified Beauty Therapists and Nurses under the supervision of a Doctor.  And that means a Doctor available on the premises!  Not a Doctor covering 35 clinics!

We have some of the best Plastic Surgeons and Aesthetic Doctors and Nurses in the world.  For every properly registered doctor or nurse there are probably fifty inadequately trained and supervised practitioners. .  It’s a nightmare.  There is a lot of really serious and very dangerous rubbish out there.  Smart websites, flashy salons and semi-scientific nonsense sucker people into parting with their money in exchange for mostly nothing, inadequate results or serious damage to their health.

The most important thing that people should look for when choosing a clinic is that there is a responsible Doctor in charge.  He/she knows that a complaint to the GMC can cost them their livelihood! Anyone else can put their clinic/salon into liquidation and start again!

Author: Dr Malcolm Willis


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