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The History of RF Microneedling

rf microneedling

As is in keeping with our ethos at The Doctors Laser Clinic, we look into the history of all treatments we offer. RF Microneedling is no different.

We ask questions such as how long has the treatment been offered? does it have any precedence? (in the  case of microneeding, needles have been entering bodies for millennia), have there been any reported negative effects, is it safe, and many other considerations.

Microneedling history

The history behind microneedling goes back over 100 years, but it did not really start going as a recognised treatment until 1995 when Dr Desmond Fernandes used needles to heal the skin. The treatment’s main aim was to stimulate collagen within the skin. Since then, it has undergone numerous iterations and adaptions. Pens, rollers, and stamps have all been tried and are still in use. We are now at RF microneedling.

Radiofrequency in medicine history

At the start of the 1900s, when microneedling was first used, RF energy started to gain attention in the medical field. Its application in aesthetic treatments is a more recent phenomenon.

The Early Years: Heating Tissues for Therapeutic Purposes

In the 1920s, researchers began to explore the potential medical applications of RF energy. Initial uses focused on heating tissues for therapeutic purposes, marking the beginning of RF’s medical journey.

Dermatology and Beyond: The 1950s to the 1980s

By the 1950s, RF energy had entered dermatology, treating conditions like warts and moles. Fast forward to the 1980s, and RF energy was making its debut in aesthetic therapy. The first devices were monopolar, primarily used for skin tightening, treating facial wrinkles, and addressing skin laxity.

The 1990s: The Advent of Bipolar RF Devices

The 1990s saw the development of bipolar RF devices, allowing for more precise and targeted energy delivery. This innovation led to new treatment applications, such as using bipolar RF for cellulite reduction.

The Modern Era: RF Microneedling and Beyond

Since then, RF energy has continued to evolve, becoming a popular treatment option in aesthetic medicine. It’s used for various applications, including skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, cellulite reduction, and body contouring.

We know all about this at The Doctors Laser Clinic. We have the tried-and-tested Pixel RF and now also the fantastic Endymed device.

Mesotherapy fusion

There was a branch-off along the way where mesotherapy met up with microneedling to create a new type of treatment. This method injects anti-oxidants simultaneously as the needles are doing their collagen-inducing magic. An example of this is the Wow fusion treatment we offer.

RF Microneedling for You

At The Doctors Laser Clinic, we’re committed to offering innovative and deeply rooted treatments in medical history. RF Microneedling is a prime example, blending the century-old practice of microneedling with the similarly aged radiofrequency (RF) energy technology and its proven benefits. This powerful combination offers a safe and effective solution for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, and more, all backed by our rigorous safety protocols and state-of-the-art devices like the Pixel RF and Endymed.

If you want to know more about how RF microneedling can help your particular concern, the door is always open at The Doctors Laser Clinic to advise. Please get in touch.


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