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The Death of the Facelift and introducing skin peels

The Death of the Facelift and introducing skin peels

Reports have shown a marked decrease in the numbers turning to facelifts in 2017.

View Here the Telegraph article 

Here at The Doctors Laser Clinic we think this is something to be celebrated. With more and more non-invasive product and procedures being developed which deliver dramatic results, there really is no need to go down the more risky route of surgery. Here at the clinic we have the best products on the market and expert experienced clinicians.

This week we are focusing on skin peels. These treatments use naturally derived fruit acids to exfoliate the surface of the skin and improve a number of skin concerns. By removing dull, dead cells from the skins surface, peels immediately reduce open pores, blemishes and fine lines. The combination of active ingredients in our skin peels also allow you to tackle persistent skin concerns.

Different peels work in different ways, though the process is similar for all.  As you would no-doubt expect from the Doctors Laser Clinic, your individual consultation will reveal what type of peel is best suited to your skin type and to best target your area of concern. For example age peel, problem skin or dull and dehydrated skin.

After prepping and protecting delicate areas like around your eyes, your specialist will gently brush on the peel solution. You will feel a little tingly and it will feel warm on your face – as the active ingredient work you will feel a warm tingly sensation, this is monitored closely by the specialist.  The peel is then neutralised by a specially formulated solution.  Your skin is then treated with the appropriate products and another care routine which will be recommended to suit the individual’s skin type

The skin peel is a really great all-round treatment, you will look and feel like a more radiant you. You won’t look like you’ve have facelift. Thank goodness! Book a consultation now to find out how we can reveal your natural radiance and help you love your skin again. Call us at 01603 360360 or email info@laserdocs.co.uk.

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