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The Benefits Of Using A CQC-registered Aesthetic Clinic.

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The Doctors Laser Clinic is CQC regulated and rated as ‘Good’. To anyone considering treatments with an aesthetic clinic, or any other clinic for that matter, we suggest a further layer of consideration; Is the clinic CQC registered? This article lists the benefits as we see them.

Fundamental Standards:

Our patients can safely anticipate certain essential standards from their aesthetic clinic, such as receiving personalised care in a clean environment and being treated with dignity. This is the minimum standard a patient can expect when visiting a clinic regulated by the CQC.

Safe and High-Quality Care:

Aesthetic clinics registered with the CQC are mandated to provide safe, effective, compassionate, and high-quality care – the hallmarks of a reputable aesthetic clinic.

Continuous Monitoring:

Clinics and other services registered with the CQC undergo continuous monitoring to uphold the required standards. This can include things like unannounced inspections of the registered clinic. Inspections carried out by the CQC involve experts in the given field.


CQC-regulated clinics are held to account by the CQC, ensuring adherence to standards and corrective measures when needed.

Consent Prior to Treatment:

The CQC’s Regulation 11 mandates that a patient’s consent is obtained before administering any care or treatment. Information about the treatment in question must be provided in an easy-to-understand format and not pressured in any way.

Informed Decision Making:

The CQC provides clear ratings designed to assist potential patients in choosing the right clinic. The system is simple. Clinics are rated on these 5 questions:

  • Are they safe?
  • Are they effective?
  • Are they caring?
  • Are they responsive to people’s needs?
  • Are they well-led?

Responsive Feedback System:

The CQC maintains a robust system to swiftly address and act on complaints. They actively seek and consider feedback from the public in regulating care services. The CQC encourages good and bad feedback; any patient can participate in CQC Feedback.

Collaboration with Other Organizations:

The CQC works closely with national entities like NHS Improvement and NHS England to help provide better outcomes for patients.


Inspection results are made available to the public through reports on the CQC website. Any member of the public can look at a clinic’s individual report to ascertain the quality of services for that clinic. See our CQC report.

Action Against Non-compliance:

An aesthetic clinic can expect The CQC to take necessary actions, from issuing improvement notices to prosecution, when clinical services fail to meet fundamental standards.

Promotion of Good Practice:

By spotlighting and sharing commendable practices, the CQC motivates the clinic and its staff to strive for excellence.

Protection from Abuse:

Under the CQC’s watch, patients are shielded from any form of maltreatment during their care. Protection of Vulnerable Individuals is also covered as the CQC oversees the implementation of the Mental Health Act, safeguarding the rights of the vulnerable.

Promotion of Innovation:

The CQC promotes a culture of continuous learning and innovation among clinics, with the ultimate goal of improving patient care outcomes.

Public Awareness:

The CQC advocates for clinics to conspicuously exhibit their ratings, bolstering transparency and enlightening the public.

Tailored Support:

The CQC provides guidance and resources to providers, helping them understand and meet the required standards, which in turn, helps clinics provide a better quality of care for their patients.

The Gold Standard: CQC Registration

When choosing an aesthetic clinic, ensuring it’s registered with the CQC is not just a mere recommendation; it’s a critical consideration. CQC registration is a testament to a clinic’s adherence to superior standards, ranging from patient dignity and safety to promoting innovation and ensuring transparent practices. Patients are thus assured of quality care in a safe environment, while clinics are continually pushed to meet and exceed these set benchmarks.

Understanding CQC Rules: The Truth about ‘Accreditation’ and ‘Approval’

To make it clear, there is only one level of registration. Clinics falsely claiming they are ‘accredited’, ‘approved’, or ‘recommended’ are not, and they are breaking CQC rules. The CQC does not provide endorsements. The Doctors Laser Clinic is registered with, and regulated by, the CQC.


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