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The Botox boom over the last five years shows no signs of slowing down. It is now reported that more than one million botox procedures a year are carried out in the UK and an ever growing proportion of those are carried out on men. Today about 10% of treatments nationally are performed for men – all hail the rise of the ‘Brotox!’

It seems that men are increasingly open to having a bit of work done in the quest for youth.  Botox is especially popular, as it is such a simple procedure to undergo to achieve a fresher look. Here at Doctors Laser Clinic our clinicians can inject small amount of the purest Botulinum under the skin to block the nerve impulses which relaxes muscle and reduces wrinkles and leaves you looking youthful and feeling super-confident.

For some reason, despite the confidence boost that these treatments deliver, men are often  choosing to have secret trips to Botox clinics, worried that such actions can be branded ‘vain’ or ‘girly’. Of course looking after yourself is not about vanity, it’s about wanting to be at your best. This is negativity is slightly reminiscent of when Botox treatments started to be accessible about a decade ago. At this time many fresh-faced women choose not to disclose their botox treatment to others, but reap the benefits of fresh-looking  skin under the radar. Now it’s completely normal for women to discuss their treatments with their pals. Perhaps we are some way away from men discussing their Botox over a pint in the pub, however if current trends continue, the ‘Brotox’ will be evermore popular.

If you choose to go all undercover with your treatment, that’s totally fine. We know you will be delighted with the results. If you do want to confess how you maintain your gorgeous good-looks we will also be happy to take the credit!

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*Results and patient experience may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as age, medical history and lifestyle.
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