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Expert Tips on What to Ask at Your Aesthetics Consultation

All aesthetic treatments require that you have a consultation beforehand. This allows both parties to ask questions with the aim of you getting the best treatment for your specific concern. These questions form part of informed decision-making.

1. Qualifications and Experience

Ask about the practitioner’s qualifications, certifications, and years of experience in the field. More specifically, you should ask about the experience the practitioner has in the concern you are there for and the treatment offered. Along with the importance of choosing a practitioner with professional qualifications, experience counts for a great deal in aesthetic treatments. You will have probably looked at the clinic’s website and gleaned this information, but the website information may not be up-to-date or accurate.

2. Treatment Options

Inquire about the different treatment options available for your specific concerns. If you are going to be persuaded by the treatment offered to you, you should have heard about all the possible options. A proper clinic should offer you the treatment they think is best for you as a patient, not because it’s their only option. Yes, a clinic may have one option for certain treatments, but they will need to demonstrate that it is the best option for you and why.

3. Expected Outcomes

What results can you realistically expect from the treatment? This information will stem from the practitioner’s experience of treating your exact condition over a prolonged period of time. Clinics routinely take pictures of patients and can show you these with prior patient consent. Ask if any are available for your concern or proposed therapy.

Timeframe for seeing the results. This can be hard to gauge from a clinician’s perspective, as results always can vary from patient to patient. That being said, the clinic will be able to give you an estimate, again, based on their experience.

4. Procedure Details

Detailed explanation of how the procedure is performed. The practitioner should be clear as to the device and materials used in the treatment. You should use this time to ask as many questions as you need to understand what will happen fully and when. This also stands for any time after the consultation. Feel free to call the clinic if you remember something after your consultation.

Duration of the treatment and whether it requires multiple sessions. Duration will usually be in a range as it will depend on the extent of the issue and the size of the area treated. The clinic will estimate 30-45 minutes, for example. A reputable clinic will be upfront about the number of sessions you may require. Although, with some treatments, such as collagen-inducing ones, it might be difficult for them to estimate. You will be told that more than one treatment will bring enhanced results. This is the case with a lot of treatments. Research and check this information later on if at all in doubt.

5. Preparation and Aftercare

Necessary preparations before undergoing the treatment. Ideally, you will be either given a sheet or emailed the details prior to the procedure. If not, ask, as this can be vital with some treatments. You would have been asked some medical-related questions, but please make sure you ask about any medication you might be taking or are planning to take. Also, if you have any upcoming dental appointments.

Aftercare instructions and tips for optimal recovery and results. Again, you should be provided with digital or written instructions post-treatment, but it might be useful, in your case, to know the aftercare advice in order for you to prepare. Just ask for it. The clinic should have it there for you. If you have plans to fly/swim/climb a mountain, mention it during your consultation.

6. Side Effects and Risks

Possible side effects and risks associated with the treatment. Sorness, redness, and discomfort can mean different things to different patients. So ask about the extent or range of side effects that you may experience. If you are planning to go to work straight after your treatment, or have a social occasion, mention it and start a conversation. Most treatments have risks, however small. Ask about these.

How common are these side effects, and how are they managed? Another question that depends upon the experience of your practitioner. The more time-served experience they have, the more accurate the given information will be.

7. Customisation of Treatment

How the treatment plan is tailored to meet your individual needs and concerns. Once you have discussed a treatment plan, you will be able to ask if adjustments will be made to ensure success, if any. Will the treatment plan cover all your concerns, and if not, what could be changed if needed?

8. Technology and Equipment

Information about the technology and equipment used for the treatment. The name of the device and model are important for you to know if you are going to compare with other clinic’s offerings. You will need to compare like-for-like. Yes, the clinic may suggest six sessions for treatment, but if the clinic is using older or inferior technology, you must factor this in.

Benefits of using state-of-the-art technology in aesthetic treatments. Technology is always moving forward in aesthetics. If the clinic is saying they have the latest machine for X, you should ask what benefits this gives you as a patient.

9. Cost and Payment Options

Detailed breakdown of the costs involved in the treatment. The clinic should give you written confirmation of what is involved, recommended, or might be an extra. No clinic worth their salt will try to increase the price after the consultation but you should have all the costings at your fingertips, just in case. Also, ask if a specific skincare routine is recommended at an extra cost to you.

Available payment plans or financing options. Some clinics do this. Some don’t. Depending on your particular plan, treatments may be performed at different times. You may be able to spread the cost if this is the case.

10. Follow-up and Maintenance

Need for follow-up appointments to monitor progress. Are these required? Is there a cost attached?

Long-term maintenance is required to sustain the results. Are ‘top-up’ or ‘maintenance’ treatments suggested? If so, what are the prices and timescales?

Your prerogative. It’s up to the clinic to give you all the information you need. But it is also up to you to ask for it. Everything should be clear in your mind when you leave.

Your appointment. Book in for a aesthetic consultation appointment with a qualified aesthetic practitioner. The Doctors Laser Clinic is the right clinic for you if you are in Norwich, Norfolk, or even further afield.



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