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Skin tag removal Norwich

Skin Tag Removal Norwich

Skin tags, (also known as acrochordons), are benign growths of skin that appear anywhere on the body. They are most commonly found in areas that rub together, for example, the armpits and between the legs. They are also found on the face and neck but could appear at any time, in any place.

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What are skin tags?

Skin tags can usually be distinguished from other types of growths by the fact they tend to hang from the skin. If you are not sure if your growth is a skin tag or another type of skin lesion then you should get it looked at by a doctor to be on the safe side.

How do skin tags form?

The exact science of why or how skin tags are formed is not clearly known. They are caused by excess production of skin cells in the upper layer of skin.

Are certain people more prone to skin tags?

Skin tags can be more prevalent in people who are overweight, expectant mothers and people with Type 2 diabetes. The number of skin growths tend to increase as we age.

What do skin tags look like?

Most of the time skin tags can be clearly identified but on occasion they have been mistaken for other lesion types, such as seborrheic keratosis and warts, including genital warts. If you think you have a skin tag but are unsure, here are the common characteristics:

How can I stop skin tags from forming?

Skin tags are sometimes related to obesity. The exact reasons why are unknown. It stands to reason that if you lose weight, you will have less skin rubbing together so therefore less chance of the skin tag forming.

Will skin tags keep growing?

Skin tags can grow, and some will stay the same size for time.

Will the skin tag go on its own?

Skin tags tend to stay on the body until they are removed or accidently cut or knocked off the skin. Having skin tags removed is usually the only option.

Is skin tag removal a safe procedure?

A Skin tag removal is a safe procedure provided it is performed by a qualified practitioner using sterile methods. Patients are advised to follow the aftercare instructions to prevent infection in the treated area. The wound should be covered and kept clean at all times.

When should I have the skin tag removed?

If the skin tag is causing you irritation, bleeds or you just want the removal procedure for cosmetic reasons.

How can skin tags be removed?

There are various methods available to remove skin tags. At the Doctors Laser Clinic we have multiple option for safe and painless removal. Depending on the skin tag to be removed we will select the most appropriate method during your consultation.

How long does skin tag removal take?

The actual procedure will be over in a matter of minutes. Most of the appointment time is used for examination and discussion with the patient, at the initial consultation. Further treatments are rarely required. The recovery time is quick.

Is the skin tag removal painful?

The skin tag removal procedure is virtually painless. We will offer you numbing options during your visit. You may feel a small amount of discomfort or light pain as the local anaesthetic wears off. You should wear a plaster for a while if the skin tag was in an area where the skin rubs.


skin tag removal in Norwich

Will there be a scar after the tag removal?

You may see some temporary skin discolouration after the tag removal. This will go away after time, and you may be left with a small scar that will tend to fade after these procedures.

A skin tag removal is a straightforward treatment. If you have any concerns about removing skin tags, or any other skin concerns, come and see us at The Doctors Laser Clinic. Don’t worry if the skin tag is in an embarrassing place, we have seen patients with skin tags in every possible part of the body. Our caring and professional team will put your mind at ease and answer any questions you may have about the treatment in clinic.

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The best laser treatment, doc told me what would hurt and what wouldn’t and all was true. My nose is now 100x better and my skin tags are fully removed.
Anonymous - Norfolk
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