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Skin Cancer Cases in the UK: Urgency, and Understanding

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Skin Cancer Cases in the UK: Urgency, and Understanding

At The Doctors Laser Clinic we keep our eyes out for skin related news articles to keep abreast of trends and other interesting bits. We are also dedicated to keeping you informed about critical health trends that could impact you and your loved ones. One such trend, which has lately caught our attention, is the increase in skin cancer cases in the UK, particularly among those aged 55 and over. Today (07/07/23), The Guardian published an insightful piece on this issue, shedding light on the worrying statistics and the underlying causes that have contributed to this rise.

Guardian Article Summary

The article titled “Skin cancer cases reach record high in UK with sharp rise among older adults” published by the newspaper, indicates a worrying increase in skin cancer cases, especially among people over 55 in the UK. Currently, there are around 17,500 melanoma cases annually in the UK, the highest recorded so far, as per Cancer Research UK.

The article suggests that cheap package holidays in the 1960s might have contributed to a rise in skin cancer cases among older adults. The number of people aged 55 and over diagnosed with melanoma has risen by 195% since the 1990s, from 21.3 out of every 100,000 people between 1993 and 1995, to 62.9 cases per 100,000 between 2017-2019.

Skin Cancer Trends

Factors like a growing and ageing population, trends towards tanned skin, and increased skin checks might have influenced these numbers. Cancer Research UK predicts a 50% increase in melanoma cases over the next two decades, potentially reaching 26,500 cases per year by 2040. Despite the increase in cases, mortality rates from the disease are decreasing due to early diagnosis and treatments, which indicates that more people are likely to survive the disease.

The charity emphasises the importance of sun care and early detection by checking for any unusual changes in the skin.

Read the full article here.

The best course of action

The article highlights the  importance of proactive skin care and preventive measures such as getting your moles checked, as us at The Doctors Laser Clinic and everywhere else has been mentioning for years. Please heed the following advice:

1, Follow the ABCDE mole warning sign advice:

Asymmetry – the mole is asymmetrical 

Borders – the mole has irregular borders

Colour – the moles is dark black, red, white, or multi-colored

Diameter – the mole’s diameter exceeds 6mm

Evolving – the mole is visibly changing in size, shape, or colour

2, Contact us here at The Doctors Laser Clinic, or any other specialist clinic if your mole fits any of the above. The clinic can check it for you and offer you the best course of action.

3, Cover up more – if you want any more reasons, study these words: The sun is the number one factor for skin ageing after the ageing process itself.

4, If you envisage that you might be out in the sun, even if it’s overclouded, Wear sunscreen! 

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions about moles or indeed any other skin lesion, on any part of the body.


How To Check For Skin Cancer | Skin Care Network



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