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 Save Face – it’s time to get serious

Save Face_its time to get serious

We love what we do here at the Doctors Laser Clinic. We are proud of our treatments, our staff and the results we can achieve. However it’s our passion for what we do which makes it very difficult for us when our industry’s reputation is called in to question.

Unfortunately, our industry is not tightly regulated which means dangerous practices can go un-checked putting clients at risk. This happened with a recent exposé on Botox which featured on BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire. Check out a clip here, it’s quite shocking.

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The clip shows an undercover journalist revealing some blatant flouting of Botox prescribing rules and Botox treatments being undertaken without the risks being explained to the customer. Such practices are illegal and put clients at risk from allergic reactions and unsightly results.

The lack of regulation from central government means that when customers are looking for a practitioner for a cosmetic procedure, it is their responsibility to find a reputable clinic. This is troubling when, as the BBC documentary shows, some disreputable practitioners are seemingly happy to make money at all costs. That’s why Save Face is so important. Save Face is an organisation working to be the eyes and ears of non-surgical cosmetic practice thus giving the clients the information they need to make the right choices.

As a Professional Standards Authority, Save Face operates an accredited register which is recognised by the Government, The Department of Health and NHS England. Furthermore the website www.saveface.co.uk really is the definitive site for information on all non-surgical cosmetic treatments. The information is accessible and honest. All of the practitioners and clinics you will find using the Save Face search engine have been individually assessed on-site against a stringent set of standards. They do invaluable work in monitoring and verifying feedback to ensure the best clinics get recognised.

When professional clinics can work together with an organisation like Save Face we are confident that customers will continue to have access to the best procedures and practitioners and above all access clinics which promote honesty and integrity. It’s about getting the right information to clients.

Obviously here at Doctors Lasers Clinic we are on the register so why not contact us to see what we can do with you. Call us on 01603 360360 or email info@laserdocs.co.uk to book your next appointment at Doctors Laser Clinic.

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All our staff have been vaccinated against Covid-19 thus reducing mutual risk. As a Covid-Safe, CQC Registered Medical Clinic with Ventilation that ensures TWELVE air changes per hour your safety is our priority. 

We are continuing to adhere to strict protocols so the car park will continue as our waiting room for the time being. We look forward to welcoming you back!

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