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Reverting back to tattoo-free eyebrows

eyebrow tattoo removal

We look at the trend for tattoed eye brows and the process of having them removed.


You may not have noticed, but in recent years, the fashion of tattooing eyebrows has surged in popularity. We at The Doctors Laser Clinic have noticed, as we are now consulting more patients who wish to reverse the tattoos and go back to their old look. As with all aesthetic treatments, there might be a moment when your eyebrow tattoos cease to resonate with your style preference. That’s when the procedure of eyebrow tattoo removal comes in.


Eyebrow Tattoos: The good, the bad, and the ugly.


The eyebrow tattooing process serves as a long-lasting or even permanent solution for those who wish to possess thicker or more distinctly shaped eyebrows. Several techniques are used for eyebrow tattooing, including traditional tattooing and semi-permanent makeup methods, among which microblading is a common choice. Microblading, a cosmetic tattooing process, introduces pigment into the skin’s superficial layers to simulate denser brows. Its advantage lies in providing groomed eyebrows that require minimal maintenance. It is this which has made it a sought-after solution. It’s especially beneficial for those facing issues with patchy or unbalanced eyebrows, offering enhanced aesthetics and bolstered self-confidence. 


Patients approach us for tattoo removal on all parts of the body, including the eyebrows. They cite various reasons for why they want to remove their eyebrows:


Modification in Personal Style


Eyebrow tattoos that once seemed like a good idea might no longer align with the patient’s evolving style. If you’re striving for a more natural appearance or wish to try diverse makeup styles, and the eyebrow tattoos don’t match your preference, laser tattoo removal could be your answer. Patients sometimes come to us because they want to have another eyebrow tattoo at some point, maybe a different shape or colour. Some want to try a different method of shaping and colouring their brows.


Substandard or botched tattooing


Regrettably, the expertise of tattoo artists and microblading technicians varies widely. Should you end up with unsatisfactory or flawed work, you could now be severely regretting your choice, multiple times a day. Common complaints include uneven brows, inconsistent pigment application, or inappropriate colour selection. In these situations, laser tattoo removal can provide a fresh start for your eyebrows.


Degradation or Discoloration with Age


As time goes by, your eyebrow tattoos might degrade or discolour, particularly for those who got their tattoos years back and were exposed to sunlight or strong skincare products. The body will naturally remove the tattoo over time, and this process is not always carried out in a uniform manner. If you’re dissatisfied with how your eyebrow tattoos have aged, laser tattoo removal can help rejuvenate your confidence.


Undesirable Side Effects or Allergic Reactions


In rare instances, patients might endure adverse effects or allergic reactions to eyebrow tattoos, such as itching, swelling, scarring, or infections.This may mean that the process may have been halted part way through. If you encounter any of these symptoms, it’s best to seek medical advice and consider the removal of your eyebrow tattoos.


Professional or Social Prejudice towards Visible Tattoos


Some patients might consider erasing their eyebrow tattoos due to professional or societal prejudices against visible tattoos. Certain professions, like finance or law, may deem visible tattoos as unprofessional. Moreover, some individuals might feel uneasy about their tattoos in social contexts. This obviously depends on the tattoos in question.


The Procedure of Erasing Eyebrow Tattoos


We are equipped with one of the leading lasers in the industry for the removal of all tattoos. Despite the existence of other tattoo removal methods, lasers prove to be the most effective, every time. All of our lasers are bought with safety and effectiveness firmly in mind.

Post-procedure, some redness, swelling might be expected. It’s essential to adhere to aftercare guidelines to assist recovery, such as keeping the treated area clean, avoiding sun exposure, and applying prescribed ointments or creams. A certain amount of treatments will be required, and we will provide you with an estimate of how many during your consultation. Some tattoo colours require more sessions than others. The age of the tattoo can also have a bearing on the number of sessions.


The Doctors Laser Clinic


Deciding to remove your eyebrow tattoo is a considerable decision that requires thoughtful deliberation. It’s vital to consult a tattoo removal specialist to ensure the decision aligns with your exact needs. If you’re facing issues with your eyebrow tattoos, reach out and book a complimentary consultation. We are always ready to provide the best guidance here at The Doctors Laser Clinic. 



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