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Reversing the effects of Sun Damage

Reversing the effects of Sun Damage

With summer here at last, we often spend a lot of time outdoors and perhaps even get a summer glow.

Whilst nothing beats having a summer holiday away with friends and family, many people underestimate how damaging lying out in the sun can be.

The problem is that as we get older, the effect of over exposure to UV rays becomes more readily visible. Damage can be noticeable in the form of sunspot, wrinkles and blemishes, particularly on the face. These blemishes can be hard to cover up with make-up as the change in skin-tone can be quite marked.

Aging is great isn’t it?

At The Doctors Laser Clinic we can help restore an even tone to your skin by targeting these sun-spots. We have the state of the art Harmony XL Pro iPexel laser which can safely and effectively treat these blemishes and dramatically improve the look of your skin.

Utilising the innovative laser, we administer multiple laser flashes to the treatment area until thousands of microscopic dots appear.  Each dot acts as an area for diseased cells and pigment to be eliminated and replaced by brand-new, regenerated cells, resulting in soft, clear skin free of sun damage.

This laser is the best in the business meaning that after only a few treatments you will have softer, more youthful and attractive skin. We also offer laser sunspot removal Norwich at our clinic.

Book a consultation now to find out how you can fall in love with your skin again. Call us at 01603 360360 or email info@laserdocs.co.uk.

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