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Private Menopause Clinic

private menopause clinic

The Doctors Laser Clinic offers private menopause services at affordable prices, but what do you get out of it? Before we start, an often-asked question:

How much does a private menopause clinic cost?

A private menopause clinic will cost you £150 for up to an hour of consultation. It may be suggested that blood tests are taken, which will cost £250.

Patient benefits of using a private menopause clinic:

1: An hour’s appointment

The menopause can be complicated. We offer an hour if you need it. We offer this much because some clinics will offer 45 minutes or less. The fact is that 45 minutes or less is simply not enough at times. We want you to take your time and discuss whatever you wish to discuss. We don’t want you to walk out thinking you missed mentioning something you feel is important or felt you did not have the time to ask all you had to ask.

2: Speciality

Dr Kathy Kestin has been a full-time GP for 24 years. She has a special interest in women’s health and the menopause. This means you can ask anything you wish, safe in the knowledge that you will have a reply based upon vast experience in exactly the subject you are here for.

3: Experience

If your menopause doctor has treated and advised on many cases of menopause, then you obviously have a better chance of finding sympathy and relief. We know from experience that menopausal women may have a wide range of hard-to-imagine symptoms. These symptoms may be extremely difficult to get to grips with yourself, let alone the people around you.

4: A pleasant, relaxed environment

At The Doctors Laser Clinic, all of the staff have the same ethos. This includes the idea that we should make any experience as pleasant as possible for our patients. Between us, we have many, many years of striving towards this goal.

5: Regulation

We are a CQC-regulated clinic. Here is an in-depth article on the advantages of CQC regulation. In short, it provides you with an extra level of protection. It means that we have certain ethics and standards to uphold, and continuous learning is encouraged. We are accountable.

6: The personal approach

With menopause and all its facets, discussions, advice, and treatment are about as personal as it gets. We know this at The Doctors Laser Clinic and endeavour to follow a deeply personal approach for you and your exact set of symptoms.

7: The Holistic Approach

Understanding that menopause affects both the body and mind, our clinic offers a holistic approach. This might include recommendations for lifestyle changes, dietary advice, or even relaxation techniques to complement medical treatments.

Your next step

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