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Nothing beats the gorgeousness of a new baby. Let’s be honest though, in the following weeks and months (possibly years!)  you might be feeling a bit less gorgeous about your own body; exhausted and a bit wobbly anyone?

Sleep, I’m sorry to say, we can’t help you with. If we could wrap-up sleep and give it to you, believe me we would.  Don’t worry though, we can help you get your body back, and with our post pregnancy package you will look rested and refreshed even if the reality is somewhat different. Who needs sleep anyway?!

First up is the wonderful Skin Rejuvenationwhich will give you an additional radiance and have others convinced you’ve had a solid 8 hours Zzzzzz! Our gentle bespoke techniques will leave your skin looking and feeling amazing, not just giving you a glow but also evening out skin tones and smoothing away lines.

Secondly with this package we will look at tummy area. We all know pregnancy can really impact our body shape and we have wonderful technology here in the clinic to help you get your pre-pregnancy shape back. Using CoolTech Body Contouring on the stomach area, fat will be eliminated and stretch marks will be minimised. This non-invasive  treatment is painless and gives long lasting, impressive results.

Thirdly we get intimate with FemiLift. Childbirth itself can leave our intimate areas a little below par. We will use a gentle laser to rejuvenate the walls of the vagina. This results in a general tightening of all things ‘down there’ resulting in better bladder control, stronger pelvic floor and better sexual sensation.

The aim of the Post Pregnancy Package is to get you feeling amazing inside and out. We can also tailor it to meet your specific needs. So call us on 01603 360360 or email and let’s get you feeling amazing again. 

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