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As you’d expect, the vast majority of laser hair removal treatment is undertaken by women. In fact, they’ve been engaging in various forms of body hair removal (shaving, waxing, tweezing) for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Someone should dedicate a museum to it.

Although men don’t have such a long history of hair removal (apart from what they do to their faces, of course), it’s well known that in recent years they too have been looking for ways to be smoother and better groomed. Which is good news for everybody. It’s about time they smartened themselves up a bit.

While hair on men is associated with masculinity, many of them are now paying more attention to those areas that don’t necessarily have sex appeal: such as the back, the neck, between the eyebrows, on the shoulders and in the genital area.

Obviously, there’s still a reluctance among many men to engage in hair removal – mainly because they believe it’s something that only women do. But the thing is, laser hair removal for men is ideal for a number of reasons. Often they have darker and coarser hair which is particularly suited to laser treatment. And because they’re often seeking to remove hair from larger areas – such as the back or chest – laser hair removal can accomplish this quickly and permanently over just a few sessions. So there’s no need for constant waxing or grooming or shaving. Job done, as they say.

So if you’re a man  (or a human being of any type of gender or persuasion – we’re all about equality here at the Doctors Laser Clinic) who wants a little less hair for the new year, why not pop in to see how we can help you become a newer, smoother you?

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