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Moles: Types, causes, treatment, and diagnosis

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Moles: Types, causes, treatment, and diagnosis


What is a mole?

Moles are common skin growths, appearing as small, coloured spots on the skin. They develop when pigment cells (melanocytes) grow in clusters. It is normal to have between 10-40 moles on the body and they can often fade by the age of 50. Meanwhile, during pregnancy, their appearance may change to become darker and larger. Most people have moles form during childhood into adolescence, although they are usually harmless unless you notice a change in size, shape, or colour. There are many reasons why you might develop moles, from exposure to the sun, to genetics. We offer cosmetic mole removal in Norfolk.

Types of moles


Benign moles

 Moles are usually harmless and can appear as round or oval-shaped with smooth or rough edges and can be raised or flat. Moles can develop anywhere on the body and are generally smaller than ¼ inch in size (6-7mm). They may also have hair growing from them. Because they are considered cosmetic most moles and other skin blemishes cannot be treated by the NHS.

Here at The Doctors Laser Clinic in Norfolk, we have years of experience treating moles safely and will always ensure that the possibility of cancer is ruled out.


Unusual moles that could indicate melanoma

 A mole that is irregular or asymmetrical in shape, or any other changes in colour, shape, or size, could indicate skin cancer. A useful guide for watching out for changes in moles is known as ‘ABCDE’.

A is for asymmetrical shape – each half is different to the other.

B is for border – moles that have irregular borders.

C is for colour – look for growths that have either changed colour or are many


D is for diameter – growth in a mole larger than ¼ inch (6-7mm).

E is for evolving – as well as watching out for changes in appearance, moles may also cause other symptoms such as itchiness or bleeding.


A dermatologist can cut out pigmented moles and take a biopsy, which is sent for laboratory analysis to determine whether it is cancerous or not.

Diagnosis of suspicious moles

 Analysis of the mole

Should you be concerned about the appearance of a mole, an appointment can be made with one of our leading doctors to examine the mole and take a biopsy.

Removal of cosmetic or benign moles

Should you want a benign mole removed, for cosmetic or other reasons, such as the mole catching on your clothing, you can also book an appointment with one of our experts at The Doctors Laser Clinic where the consultant will check that a biopsy is not necessary. The recommended procedure and any costs will also be discussed with the experienced clinician before treatment. Before treatment begins, all options will be discussed and there will be a period to decide whether you want to proceed with treatment. Here at The Doctors Laser Clinic patient safety and our patient’s well-being is our prime concern.

The correct treatment for mole removal in Norwich

 There are two different laser treatment options available for removal of moles – CO2 and Erbium. The CO2 laser is very effective at removing big, unattractive moles from your face and body, which may be affecting your self-confidence. A superior form of removal to traditional techniques such as cautery, surgical excision or cryotherapy, the laser only targets the specific area of the mole and does not leave any scars or damage to the surrounding tissue. The CO2 laser procedure is safe, quick, and effective, with healing also much quicker than other techniques.

The Erbium laser is another technique for mole removal, like the CO2 laser. It also creates minimal damage to the underlying tissue during mole removal Norwich, leading to better scarring and faster healing. Most laser mole removal procedures can be completed in around 30-60 minutes, which means minimal disruption to your daily life. Aftercare instructions and advice will also be provided.


Here at The Doctors Laser Clinic, we have years of experience in delivering unrivalled medical expertise and care in mole removal to patients in Norwich and the surrounding areas of Norfolk. We ensure the highest levels of clinical practice and regulations, to maintain excellent standards of care and the utmost levels of patient safety.


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