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Medik8 Beautiful Skincare for life.

Medik8 is a truly wonderful collection of creams and skin treatments which we endorse at Doctors Laser Clinic – Skin care clinic Norwich for its fantastic results.  Remember not all skin-care is the same.

At Doctors Laser clinic we can perform really wonderful skin treatments to address and target areas of your skin but a good skin-care routine unpins everything when we are looking for radiant skin. Of course, this can start with home skin care routines.

One of our favourite brands Medik8 is a great place to go to deliver what your skin needs daily in a simple and effective way.

Medik8 want to liberate you from the choice between results or experience. There are so many skincare brands out there that offer a wonderful pampering experience but many cannot deliver noticeable results. The alternative can be a very medicated approach with a product or a cream that gives results, but cannot fulfil our expectations on texture or fragrance. Well the range of Medik8 products can do both. Medik8 delivers you skincare product this with ‘clean’ approach to its formulations so you know you are not adding layers of chemicals on skin.

The ultimate mission is beautiful skin for life. The starting approach is a simple CSA philosophy. They believe that the secret to looking younger for longer is as easy as vitamin C plus Sunscreen by day. By night it’s all about Vitamin A. There is simple science to this delivery and it really does work. You can start this approach with 2 simple products to deliver the CSA philosophy. What could be better? However the range is comprehensive with products to target specific skin complaints such as ageing, redness and pigmentation which are all fantastic.

Medika8 have beautiful products to deliver beautiful skin for life.

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