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The Magic Wand for Mums!

There are many changes that happen to our bodies after childbirth, most of these, such as breast size, hair loss, energy levels will return to normal after a few months. Many women experience changes to the function and sensation of their vagina, such as feeling dry and uncomfortable, or needing to use pads such as Tena Lady. Hormones and exercise can play a great role in returning to your own normal, but for some, no matter how much advice they follow or pelvic floor exercises they do – it just doesn’t feel the same down there.

Wetting yourself whilst sneezing, laughing or exercising is a real problem that millions of women suffer with. Stress Incontinence in women is caused by the pelvic floor muscles are weakened, and don’t support the bladder. Up to 50% of women have less bladder control after giving birth, with one third to one half still reporting leakage five years post childbirth. Whilst leaks are a problem, so can be vaginal dryness. Dryness day to day is uncomfortable, and makes sex painful without lube, which can lead to a lack of confidence and lowered libido.

The NHS offer a surgical option to tighten the vagina and help with dryness problems, but after numerous news reports on the risks involved in this surgery, there’s a growing trend of women looking for non-surgical options. We’re one of the few clinics in the UK providing breakthrough treatment to women, giving a real alternative that provides proven results.

The FemiLift, is a non invasive, painless vaginal rejuvenation treatment that’s suitable for most women whether their problems have developed post childbirth, post menopause or are from pre-existing conditions. Dr Kathy Kestin, from the Doctors Laser Clinic is specially trained in the procedure, and has already helped dozens of women across East Anglia get their confidence back and feel like themselves again. Using a small wand that shines tiny laser beams into the vaginal wall, Dr Kestin performs the FemiLift expertly to dramatically improve function and sensation.

A procedure that only takes a half hour, our discreet clinic in Norwich offers appointments that you can fit into a lunch hour, perfect for mums with a busy schedule. A course of three treatments over three months can make you feel like a new woman, with patients reporting drastic improvements from the first treatment. FemiLift really is a magic wand for women wanting to live life to the full.

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