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Laser Hair Removal: Not just for Christmas

It’s Christmas! Which means there’s no better time – what with all the stress and partying and the millions of things to do – to start thinking about laser hair removal treatment so you can look your best for your 2016 summer holiday.

Yes, we know that it’s not really the ideal time to be thinking about something that is months and months away. In fact, you’d have to be a little unhinged to add summer holiday preparations to your massively daunting Christmas pile. But look at this way: planning ahead now means you’ll have less of a similarly massively daunting summer holiday pile.

The thing is, laser hair removal takes time. Especially if you decide to go with a highly reputable, superbly professional surgery that is staffed by fully qualified medical practitioners who use the very latest laser equipment and offer the highest standards of service, safety and care to deliver a personally tailored treatment regime that provides the very best and most effective results just like we do here at the Doctors Laser Clin…

Phew! Hang on a sec while we catch our breath.


As we said, laser hair removal takes time. Of course, the actual length of time differs for each person. But it’s fair to say that you should allow at least a good few months ahead of your summer holiday. Yes, you could come and see us in January or February. Or even in March. But then Christmas will be all over and the impulse to treat yourself – to give yourself the best Christmas present ever – may be somewhat diminished.

So here, smack bang in the middle of the season of goodwill, why not give yourself a bit of feelgoodwill and treat yourself to a Christmas present you’ll never forget? Just think: no more of the hassle and expense that comes with waxing and shaving. No more body hair that you just wish wasn’t there. And all costing a lot less than you might think.

If you give us a call, or email us (or maybe send a letter to the jolly fat fella in the North Pole), we’ll make sure that your Christmas wishes come true (that is, if your Christmas wishes are all about the safest and most effective way of removing body hair).

And remember: laser hair removal treatment is for life not just for Christmas!

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