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Laser Hair Removal: More Than You Bargained For

We all love a bargain.

The trick, though, to a good bargain is ensuring that it doesn’t end up being a false economy. You know the kind of thing: driving an extra 300 miles to save 2p on a litre of petrol, switching to brussel sprout flavoured yoghurt because it’s on a buy one get one free offer, reading the Daily Mail because it’s 20p for that particular day. You can kid yourself that you’ve made a gain but in the long term it’s nothing more than a loss.

And then there’s the kind of false economy that can be summed up by that classic retail cliche: “You get what you pay for.” Want to fly in absolute style and comfort to Paris? That £15 Easyjet ticket might not be the way to do it. Fancy treating you and your loved one to a romantic, fine-dining experience for two? The £2 frozen Thai Curry you bought from Iceland probably won’t cut the mustard on this occasion.

Obviously, these are all relatively trivial examples. But what if you’re looking to really treat yourself to something serious, say to laser hair removal? Now here’s an area where you just don’t want to mess around. It needs to be safe, it needs to be comfortable, it needs to be effective and it needs to be carried out by highly trained professionals, using the latest state-of-the-art equipment, who really know what they’re doing.

And where will you find such high levels of competence and safety? Hint: not in a high street beauty salon that’s offering 40% discount.

Of course, you might think that of course we’d say that. You’re right, we would. But only because it’s true – and only because we genuinely care about the business we’re in and because we genuinely care about doing the best for our clients. Let’s take a look at the facts:

  • Our staff are fully qualified medical professionals who are trained to much higher standards than the average.
  • The laser machines we use are vastly superior to those used on the high street (one of ours costs £83k compared to the £10k machines in the high street). Independent voters have declared the machines we use to be superior.
  • Our staff are friendlier and more welcoming. If you don’t believe us, just give us a call or pop in to book your free consultation.
  • We never charge for more than eight sessions – even if you need twice as many.
  • We often end up having to see and treat people who have previously spent money on discount hair removal.

And the price you have to pay for all of the above? A very reasonable price. But yes, it will be a little more expensive than the discounted offerings you might find on the high street.

In the end though – for the peace of mind you receive, the high quality treatment, the long-term effectiveness, the safety and the sheer loveliness of being looked after by our friendly, professional staff – it’s more than worth it. In fact, if you look at it that way, laser hair removal treatment at the Doctors Laser Clinic is an absolute bargain!

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All our staff have been vaccinated against Covid-19 thus reducing mutual risk. As a Covid-Safe, CQC Registered Medical Clinic with Ventilation that ensures TWELVE air changes per hour your safety is our priority. 

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