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Kim Kardashian Is Obsessed by Laser Hair Removal

What keeps Kim trim?


We don’t do celebrity endorsements at the Doctors Laser Clinic. But it’s undeniable that, as a result of celebrity endorsements, interest in laser hair removal has grown in recent years.

Take Kim Kardashian (please take Kim Kardashian…).

But seriously, take Kim Kardashian. Here’s a woman whose whole life is seemingly devoted to being in the public eye. To being in the public eye while looking her very best. Despite what you, us or the Daily Mail may think about her, there’s no denying that she looks great. Of course, her looking great isn’t solely due to the fact that she was blessed with good looks or good genes: it’s also due to the fact that she spends so much time, money and effort on her appearance. In fact, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to state that looking good is her whole reason for being.

The point of this rambling about Kanye West’s lovely wife is to illustrate how popular laser hair removal has become in recent years. Not just with the glitterati but with people (and let’s be honest here, when we say ‘people’ it’s mainly women) from all walks of life and of all ages. And the reason for this popularity isn’t that it’s just another interesting and wacky thing that celebs do. It’s because it’s a safe, highly effective and surprisingly affordable treatment. That is, you don’t have to be a Kardashian – or have mountains of Kardashian cash – in order to undertake the treatment. It’s available to everyone. And seemingly available everywhere.

But the thing is, you can bet your bottom dollar that Kim Kardashian doesn’t just go anywhere to get her laser hair removal treatment (which she confesses to being obsessed with). She certainly doesn’t just nip into a bog standard beauty therapist on the high street. And you can bet that she doesn’t avoid high street beauty therapists simply because she’s in a position where she doesn’t have to go for the cheapest deal; she avoids bog standard high street treatment because she’s no fool. She values her looks, her comfort and her safety far too much to simply put herself in the hands of people who aren’t experts at what they do.

Which leads us nicely on to us here at the Doctors Laser Clinic. 

When it comes to expertise in laser treatment we’re pretty much untouchable. Our team is made up of fully qualified, highly trained medical experts who have many years of professional experience behind them. We are, as you’ll see from our team page on this website, bona fide doctors, nurses and highly trained technicians. It’s why we call ourselves the Doctors Laser Clinic (and why high street therapists can’t call themselves Doctors Laser Clinics). We’re just the sort of place that a Kardashian – or anyone looking for only the very best treatment – would readily go to.

And while we’re pleased that the likes of Ms Kardashian are singing the praises of laser hair removal treatment (as she does in the video below), we’re not altogether comfortable with the idea of people regarding her as some kind of expert on the subject. We’re the experts. And if she wants to argue with us about that fact we’re more than happy to spend an all-expenses-paid three week holiday in her Hollywood mansion in order to convince her of the error of her ways.

So if you’re thinking about laser hair removal, we’d highly recommend that you talk to us about how it works, what happens, how effective it is and how it can help you to look your very best. We may not have the star appeal of Kim Kardashian but, as well as being serious medical professionals, we’re also normal, friendly people who will make you feel very welcome. And best of all, our tea is much nicer than any tea you might find in Hollywood. 

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