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We say so much through our eyes and therefore we want our eyes to look at their best. It is also an area of the face where our skin is particularly thin, and therefore prone to showing the signs of aging.  Until recently, surgery was the only option for those with baggy eyelids or under eye bags; quite an undertaking given the delicacy of the skin in this area. However we are now delighted to offer the revolutionary Plexr treatment. This treatment is a completely safe alternative to cosmetic surgery around the eye area. Plexr is faster, more effective and provides instant results. So how does it work?

Using minuscule plasma beams, our doctors are able to permanently address excess skin around the eyes, firming the skin and giving you a more youthful appearance. The treatment is incredibly effective and safe, and only requires the application of a mild numbing cream to make things comfortable. The system is highly precise and doesn’t spread heat to surrounding tissue, meaning it can be used on areas that a scalpel shouldn’t be used. The Plexr is a supreme technique and will really allow your eyes to sparkle once again. Moreover there is a range of other applications for the Plexr technology, including scarring and stretch marks, wrinkles and lines, lift brow lines, skin lesions, warts and age spots.

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