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It depends on the Laser and who’s using it!

The Soprano is the ONLY laser that carries the Virtually Pain Free hair removal Logo!

Laser Hair Removal does not have to be exquisitely painful to be effective. Pain free hair removal can exist !

Until The Soprano came along there was a certain amount of truth in the adage “No Gain Without Pain”!

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the USA) is the only safety body in the world to fully regulate Laser Hair Removal. Getting a license from them is extremely difficult and when awarded is greatly prized and respected.

Up until The Soprano came on the market all lasers and IPL machines used a massive flash of light – like a camera flash lamp.

The instrument was held against the skin and – WHACK!! – A GREAT SLAP OF LIGHT WAS FLASHED through the skin hoping that it would hit the dark pigment in the hair shaft and burn it out of its socket – hopefully without roasting your flesh in the process!

For 25 years these lasers and IPL machines in the right hands have been very successful. Their reputation became more and more tarnished as they fell into the hands of inadequately trained profiteers and snake-oil salesmen who were prepared to put profit before patient.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful now?

The breakthrough was when Alma Lasers developed the technology that allowed the laser light to be flashed on and off ten times a second while moving the handpeice. Up until then it was thought that the only way to cook a hair follicle was to flash fry it! We all know that some of the best results in cooking are when it is slowly heated or done in the microwave at lower energy levels. Takes longer but it’s more effective.
Is Laser Hair Removal Painful? Hear one of our customers tell you their experience.

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