Hair-removal – It’s all about time and confidence. ✨ Special Offer – 1/3 OFF Laser Hair Removal! ✨

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Hair-removal has been widely documented since 1920’s and as fashions have changed, the amount of time dedicated to removing unwanted hair has steadily increased. Today we now spend an enormous amount of time trying to remove the little blighters. A recent study has suggested that a woman will spend approximately 72 days of her life simply shaving her legs. 72 days. That’s an eye-watering 1,728 hours! Blimey… What would you do with that extra time?

One clear advantage to laser removal is therefore to achieve a permanent hair reduction and give you back precious time. At Doctors Laser Clinic we only use world class lasers and therefore after 6-9 treatments you’ll experience an 80% permanent hair reduction, although 90% of clients achieve a much better result than this and occasional top-ups can be used so as to remain almost 100% hair free.

Using the unique Soprano Laser, we make waxing and shaving a thing of the past. Virtually painless, and performed by qualified practitioners, the Soprano Laser uses a cooling mechanism to prevent the stinging and burning that other laser treatments can cause. We only use delicate and unobtrusive methods that do not irritate the skin.  Our methods can even help solve problems such as folliculitis and ingrown hairs, which are often issues for those who use razors, creams and waxing. Our clients are naturally delighted with the results, just look at our testimonials.

The real benefit however comes from the inner-confidence that follows from having beautifully smooth skin, or finally addressing that problem area. Laser hair removal really can be a game-changer. You will be truly amazed with the results.

Book a consultation now to find out how you can permanently de-fuzz and also get your time and your mojo back. Plus we are offering 1/3 Off Underarms – Was £75 per session, now only £50 per session. Call us at 01603 360360 or email

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We are continuing to adhere to strict protocols so the car park will continue as our waiting room for the time being. We look forward to welcoming you back!

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