Give your feminine life a lift

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We’ve talked only last month about FemiLift as a solution for a wide array of feminine conditions.

FemiLift allows you to enjoy a better feminine life, simply and safely.

Is FemiLift right for you? If you….

1. Suffer from vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness or recurring infections and involuntary urine leakage
2. Are looking for a non-surgical solution for your female health concerns
3. Want results, without experiencing pain or taking off time.
4. Are interested in a single solution that can effectively solve a variety of problems
5. Seek a solution that us easily integrated into your general feminine healthcare and lifestyle management

The schedule a free consultation now!

• 100% SAFE
Clinically proven, cutting edge technology
Real results that make a difference
Treats common feminine health conditions
Quick, minimally invasive

Easily integrated into routine healthcare and lifestyle management.

Dr Kathy Kestin at our clinic has been trained by Alma Lasers Surgical Team to perform this revolutionary treatment. Widely available in America and Europe, vaginal rejuvenation is an incredible procedure with results seen after just one treatment.

Book a consultation and ask us how FemiLift can help you! Call us at 01603 360360 or email

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We are open for a limited range of medical treatments performed by Doctors, Nurses and Qualified Technicians on Mondays and Thursdays until 3rd December – Please phone between 10am and 5pm Monday – Friday for details.   Our Clinical Rooms have EIGHT air changes every hour!!