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Get back on Track with FemiLift

How happy does our client look explaining all the benefits she’s experienced after a FemiLift procedure here at Doctors Laser Clinic?

As we explored in a previous blog in April, the FemiLift is one of the treatments which offers the most significant client benefits out of any treatments we undertake here in the clinic. Perhaps the reason for this is that it treats ladies’ most delicate areas.  When these areas aren’t performing as well as we would like, it can really affect how we feel within our bodies and how we live our lives.

In the video, our client explains how this procedure, (which uses tiny precision lasers inside the vagina to remodel and tighten the vagina-walls), undertaken within a lunch hour (!), has revolutionised her sex life, increased her enjoyment of running and exercise, and her boosted self-confidence.

Most importantly for many, using laser equipment means that this is pain-free procedure with very little recovery time. In the video our client even went for a run on the same day. Impressive stuff. This gentle Laser procedure clearly sets FemilLift apart from more traditional, surgical procedures which treat pelvic floor weakness and mild incontinence. The FemiLift is the future and we are delighted to offer the treatment and see our clients reaping such huge benefits.

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