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Five Surprising Facts about Fillers!

Fillers are one of our most popular treatments – but here’s five facts you may not know!

1.  We’ve been injecting dermal fillers for over 100 years

Fillers were invented in the late 1800s by Austrian surgeon Robert Gersuny. He used vaseline as a filler to correct the absence of a testicle, for a patient who’d been castrated for tuberculous. The technique was a success, and was used for patients to soften wrinkles and plump cheeks, as well as for breast augmentation and penis defects. The treatment later evolved into using paraffin wax, this process was popular well into the 1920s until safer alternatives were brought into use.

2. Injectables actually boost your body’s natural production of collagen

There’s nothing that can permanently stop the depletion of collagen, however some dermal fillers stimulate the body’s production of collagen at the point of injection, which means patients may require less fillers over the years whilst achieving the same look.

3. Fillers aren’t just for the face

Whilst a lot has changed since the first use of fillers for a lost testicle, fillers are still used all over the body. The backs of hands are frequently plumped to stop wrinkles and bulging veins defying a youthful face, as well as enhancing the décolletage and even for droopy earlobes so you can wear heavy earrings more comfortably.

4. The fabled ‘frozen face’ is surprisingly hard to achieve 

The general rule of thumb for fillers, is one syringe per decade, so if you’re in your thirties you may need three, if you’re forty you may need four. To look frozen and ‘fake’ as many celebrities seem prone to, would take about 10 syringes. As dermal and lip fillers show immediate results, your doctor can see exactly what they’re doing and consult with you to achieve your desired look. Here at the Doctors Laser Clinic we insist on a consultation prior to treatment, so there’s no nasty surprises when you look in the mirror!

5. Injectables are the number one form of cosmetic enhancement

The use of injectables has sky rocketed over the past two decades. According to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, of the 15.6 million cosmetic procedures carried out in 2014, 9 million were injectable treatments. The immediacy of results, choice of formulas and the fact that they are safer and minimally invasive compared to plastic surgery are all reasons for the rise in popularity. The rise in popularity is being seen around the world and across demographics, male patients opting for fillers  grew by 6% in 2015.

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