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Fillers, are you feeling it?

Fillers are you feeling it

The plumped pout continues to be trend which we are seeing though to 2019 and a non-surgical cosmetic enhancement continues to be a popular choice in order to gain this look. And why not, as our skin loses volume through time, fillers can counter-act this and give the face a more youthful appearance.

However we have all seen times where enhancements seem to fail and the result is an undesirable and unnatural look. We know the Trout Pout is definitely a look to avoid! But joking aside there is absolutely no need for this; it comes down to being informed.

A recent interview with top aesthetic doctor Dr Tijon Esho in Cosmopolitan Magazine helps focus on the important information all clients should be asking. See the full video in our latest blog.

Dr Esho outlines three basic checks to ensure you avoid filler mistakes. It all comes down to knowing your clinic.

A quality product, administered in a reputable clinic, with a full client consultation should always give a quality result. Here at Doctors Laser Clinic, we are medically trained, operate only from our clinic and only use market-leading products. We are sure Dr Esho would approve. Also do check out our client reviews and industry accolades. Fillers really can be a wonderful treatment in the right hands. It’s your face and your choice, just remember knowledge is power.

Book a consultation now and we’ll start to find out how we can enhance your youthful appearance. Call us at 01603 360360 or email info@laserdocs.co.uk.




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