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Feeling Fantastic After Fat Freezing!

Back in April we talked about our fat-freezing technology and here we can introduce a video testimonial from one of our many happy clients; definitely worth a watch. What is very is evident from the video- testimonial is that this is a technology that gives excellent results and the treatment is non-invasive. Nothing beats that.

Some of us just have areas of our body where the fat sticks around, no matter what fitness levels we have or even how good our diet it is. CoolTech fat-freezing can target these areas to dramatically reduce the fat stored in these problem areas.

Most importantly, our clients can reap the benefits of this treatment whilst juggling all other aspects of their busy lives. No surgery, no pain, no downtime.  As the video highlights, this gives fat freezing treatments a huge advantage over surgical fat removal procedures such as liposuction.

Fat freezing safely delivers controlled cooling to target the fat cells underneath the skin. Treated fat cells are crystalized (frozen), then die. Over time, your body naturally eliminates these dead cells.  After just 6 weeks you will observe a permanent and measurable reduction in fat. Over the following 6 weeks, up to half of all the fat in the treated area disappears.

Can you imagine finally getting rid of areas of stubborn fat and what this could do for your confidence?

Book a consultation now and we will contour your body ready for the big summer strip off! Call us at 01603 360360 or email info@laserdocs.co.uk.

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