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What Are Skin Lesions?

Skin Blemishes, Lumps and Bumps

Lumps, bumps, moles and other skin blemishes are common and most are regarded as cosmetic by the NHS so treatment is unavailable by that route. Anything diagnosed as an innocent, benign lesion is likely to be rejected by the NHS. The good news is that we have many years’ experience treating them safely at The Doctors Laser Clinic
Some lesions, especially pigmented one’s that are growing and changing have to be cut out by a dermatologist and put under the microscope to exclude the possibility of cancer. We can always advise if this is necessary. Safety is paramount.

There are hundreds of different skin lesions. Every patient coming to us is seen by an experienced doctor prior to treatment. Options are discussed and a cooling off period is allowed to decide on whether to go ahead or not. If necessary local or topical anaesthetic is used.

– Sun spots – also known as lentigos
– Lentigo
– Skin tags
– Seborrhoeic warts
– Cherry spots
– Milia
– Wrinkles
– Lumps and bumps
– Cysts

– Syringomas
– Sebaceous hyperplasia
– Syringoma
– Scalp cysts
– Some Pigmented & nonpigmented moles
– Seborrhoic keratosis
– Xanthelasma
……and the list goes on!

How does it work?

We will usually offer local or topical anaesthetic so the experience is not unpleasant.

We have the option of two different lasers for surgery CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and Erbium. They give us the option to treat to within fractions of a millimetre accuracy meaning that damage to surrounding tissue is much less than with surgical excision, cryotherapy or cautery that is traditionally available elsewhere. The risk of scarring is substantially less as a result. The initial consultation will include a realistic assessment of the likelihood or not of scarring. The aim of course is to go for zero!

Most procedures can be completed within 30 – 60 minutes consultation time and the actual lasering is often over in a matter of minutes. We will give you aftercare instructions.

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Why Choose The Doctors Laser Clinic?

Run by three experienced family doctors, The Doctors Laser Clinic boasts a high degree of knowledge within dermatology, aesthetics and general medical conditions.

We provide a wide variety of cutting-edge treatments to target many skin concerns or issues. We only use the best quality Soprano laser technology to ensure maximum effectiveness and comfort for every single one of our clients, with a team of highly-qualified medical professionals available to administer each procedure.

The success of our practice is simply due to outstanding holistic care and dedication to our treatment processes, and we guarantee a positive experience every time. We understand that having any form of aesthetic treatment can be daunting, so we ensure comfort and security is felt at all times.

Get in touch to book your free consultation, and we’ll come up with an effective, results-based treatment plan specifically targeted to eliminate your concerns for good!


  • " As always Malcolm is the ultimate professional. He has a great passion in his work, genuinely wanting his clients to look the best they can be and also respecting their budgets! I cannot recommend highly enough, they have a client for life! "

    September 2017

  • " A warm welcome, friendly team. All procedures explained clearly. I did not feel pushed into making any decisions at the consultation. Advised to think about the options. "

    September 2017

  • " Alison is helpful, caring, and welcoming. This, coupled with the amazing results she is achieving with the removal of body hair with the lasers, means I have no hesitation in recommending her to everyone. "

    October 2017

Meet The Team


Dr Malcolm Willis

Malcolm is hugely lucky to work with such an extraordinary team at The Doctors Laser Clinic. He has acquired a great deal of skill and experience over the last 8 years in Cosmetic Medicine. He is very proud of the achievements of all his staff and their high standards of patient care.



A master of the skills and nuances of the Gold Award winning Soprano Laser. Sarah is one of our three nurse anti-wrinkle injectors with a growing following. Her injectables certificates are awarded by Medics Direct in Harley Street having served a long apprenticeship with Dr Willis.


Helen Bunn

Sarah’s irrepressible humour, empathy, professional attitude and amazing patient skills means she always gets amazing feedback and great results.


Dr Kathy Kestin

Kathy was a fulltime GP for 24 years. Kathy’s passion for women’s health has led to her enthusiasm in the Femilift Laser for vaginal rejuvenation, tightening and relieving mild stress urinary incontinence.

*Results and patient experience may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as age, medical history and lifestyle.