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The Brilliance of Botox – 6 Alternative Uses for Botox

Botox is polarising – people love it or hate it. With its hashtag on Instagram boasting close to 1.3 million posts, it’s very much a hot issue. But there is no denying the changes it can make for some people’s lives and we’re not just talking about knocking back the clock a few years.

Botox is being used in ground-breaking ways and treating conditions with huge success. Whilst some of these treatments are in their infancy, we are pretty excited about what this could mean for clients in the future.

TEETH GRINDING: If you grind or clench your teeth, or have big jaw muscles (called your masseter muscles) at the sides of your jaw, Botox can be used effectively to slim the jawline, reduce jaw pain and reduce the damage to your teeth from clenching or grinding.

FACIAL SYMMETRY/BELL’S PALSY: Bell’s Palsy (damage to the facial nerve resulting in paralysis of one side of the face) and other facial asymmetries can be treated by a highly experienced clinician with an excellent understanding of the interaction of the muscles in the face. It takes a huge amount of skill and artistry but can give the most amazing results.

EXCESSIVE SWEATING: Botox is an excellent treatment for localised excessive sweating in various places in the body – the armpits are the most common area. A single Botox treatment reduces sweating by an average of 70-80 per cent, bringing someone with a problem back to normal. This can be a life-changing procedure with almost a 100 per cent success rate.

MIGRAINES/TENSION HEADACHES: Botox is an incredibly effective treatment for tension headaches and migraines – research shows about half of patients with severe migraines will get complete resolution of their symptoms, while another 30 to 40 per cent will get some form of improvement. This application was discovered as a side effect of treating cosmetically in the frown and forehead area, so often a good cosmetic result comes as a side effect.

RSI (REPETITIVE STRESS INJURY):  Some practitioners have also used Botox for the treatment of repetitive stress injury has treated a small number of people with painful RSI in the hand, arm and neck/shoulder region.  It seems to work by releasing the painful “trigger points” of muscle tension.

BROW LIFTING AND MOUTH CORNER LIFTING:  As we age, the muscles in our face that pulls the mouth corners and brows down tend to tighten, while the muscles holding them up tend to get slightly stretched. A small amount of Botox can be injected into selected parts of the muscle to gently open the eyes and/or lift the mouth corners, helping you look happier, fresher and less tired.

So Botox can be pretty amazing and the range of applications for Botox will continue to surprise and reward us. Here at Doctor’s Laser Clinic we have very skilled clinicians and the best products on the market.

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