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A gym for your vagina

A Gym for Your Vagina

We’ve talked previously about FemiLift as a solution to bladder weakness but one of the lesser known reasons for having the treatment is that it improves your sex life.  More and more women are reaping the benefits of this quick, painless treatment and as this press article highlights Maggie found that ‘It’s like going to the gym for your vagina!’ Mother-of-two says new lunchtime laser lift saved her sex life’ Read the full article here.

Pregnancy and childbirth can cause loss of muscle tone and loosening of vaginal tissue, and can also lead to stress incontinence due to a weakening of the vaginal and bladder muscles.

Maggie comments ‘Femilift is a great alternative (to surgery), I just pop out in my lunch break and get it done. The result was subtle at first, but after my second and third treatment results gradually improved. I now feel like I did prior to having my children.’

FemiLift is a non-invasive laser treatment that strengthens and tightens the vaginal walls. The treatment is painless and takes around 10 minutes. It works by inserting a small laser, around 4-6 centimetres into the vagina and beaming lasers about 0.5 millimetres into the vaginal wall, deep enough to reach the level of the skin where collagen is formed. The laser beams cause tiny tears in the vaginal wall which as the body heals, builds new collagen and blood vessels, which creates stronger, more supple vaginal tissue and improved lubrication.

Improved lubrication can enhance sexual pleasure enormously, and tighter, stronger vaginal walls means greater sensation during sex for you, and your partner.

Maggie comments ‘Femilift has made an incredible difference for both me and my partner. I feel sexy again; it’s given me a new lease of life.’

Dr Kathy Kestin at our clinic has been trained by Alma Lasers Surgical Team to perform this revolutionary treatment.  Widely available in America and Europe, vaginal rejuvenation is an incredible procedure with results seen after just one treatment.

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