We use Alma Lasers

We are one of the only clinics in the UK who own a Harmony XL Pro

That’s right, currently (June 2015) only 3 other clinics own a Harmony XL Pro.

Why do we love it so much?

Alma – is one of the most technologically advanced laser suppliers in the world.  Up there with the Rolls Royces and Ferraris of the laser world.  Brilliant engineering and after sales support mean that the lasers in The Doctors Laser Clinic are not only in the Premier League, but they are serviced and maintained so that our highly trained staff can deliver what we say we do on our box.


The Best

We adore the Harmony XL Pro (and who wouldn’t?) because it’s the one stop shop for offering solutions for all of your aesthetic needs. Not only is it suitable for all skin types but it fast, even on large areas of the body.


The Harmony Laser has undergone extensive clinical studies and come away with a first-rate safety record.

The Main Reason

The main reason that we love using Alma Lasers is because it gives us natural-looking results.


Alma HarmonyTM is a powerful, all-in-one solution for all of your aesthetic needs. Using breakthroughs in medical aesthetic research and technology, Harmony helps to stop the clock from head to toe, with a wide variety of treatment solutions customized to your specific needs.

All Harmony treatments are effective, reliable and have a first-rate safety record proven in extensive clinical studies. The treatments are suitable for all areas of the body, all skin types, and address the specific concerns of all age groups – from teens to older adults.


Alma have designed the ClearLift™ laser treatment which can effectively be performed during a lunch break. The new technology means that the Harmony’s skin remodelling treatments will actually rejuvenate mature skin. The effect that this has is to enhance your natural beauty!

This is only one of the Harmony XL’s special treatments!


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