The Save Face interview

by Malcolm Willis

05 11, 2015 | Posted in Skin Care, The Clinic | 0 comments

We spoke to Save Face founder and director Ashton Honeyball to find out more.


Why did you create Save Face?

Ashton Honeyball

Ashton Honeyball

As a woman who takes an active interest in beauty and fashion trends I consider myself to be well informed about the beauty industry. Like most people I assumed that an industry that generates over £2 billion per year must be as tightly regulated and accountable as its surgical counterpart, but the truth is that the non-surgical cosmetic industry is almost entirely unregulated and unaccountable. This means that almost anyone can source and administer injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers, the consequences of which can be disastrous if administered at the hands of an untrained and unqualified practitioner.

Why do people make the wrong choice?

Research dictates that the key driver for people choosing a practitioner in this field is cost. This is largely because they have no vehicle to verify the information provided by practitioners in relation to their qualifications, experience and the products that they use and have nowhere to turn to when something goes wrong. In reality the majority of prospective consumers between the ages of 18-26 will be students or graduates on a tight budget who may be much more likely to have these treatments at a cut price or as part of unethical time limited deals and offers. These put an immense amount of pressure on the consumer without allowing them sufficient time to fully consider the risks and implications involved, which can often leave people feeling regretful and disappointed with the results or even worse permanently disfigured.

How do you think the cosmetic industry is currently viewed?

The industry as a whole has been tarnished by the botched jobs and exaggerated images of what can happen when people have too many procedures. These procedures are designed to make people feel more confident and comfortable with the way they look and in the right hands the results can be fantastic.  As a woman I felt compelled to take action to provide an outlet that empowers and informs people about the treatments they want and provides them with the practical tools they need to ensure that they have the best treatments for them… in safe, credible and ethical hands.

What are the dangers of people using non Save Face accredited practitioners?

Selecting a treatment provider through traditional means of advertising and search engines is quite simply a lottery.

Frighteningly, these treatments are all too often considered and categorised as everyday beauty treatments like having your hair or nails done. In reality, it is a clinical procedure that can have disastrous consequences when administered by the untrained and unqualified.

The complications, side effects, and physical and emotional damage can vary vastly between treatments. They can be temporary or permanent and can include infection, drooping, swelling, bruising and scarring.

Where does Save Face fall within the industry?

Save Face and our register of accredited practitioners provides  the same level of assurance to consumers seeking non-surgical cosmetic treatments as the Gas Safe register provides those seeking boiler repairs. It is quite simply the crucial step between having something done that makes you feel more confident and happy about the way that you look and feel as opposed to having something that could quite literally leave you scarred for life, feeling less confident and happy than you were to begin with.

How does Save Face help the consumer choose the correct practitioner for them?

The reality is, these sorts of procedures are becoming increasingly popular amongst men and women of all ages, but there is still a social sacrifice associated with them which means that those who have procedures don’t necessarily want to talk about it to their friends.

Save Face provides the perfect vehicle to research and select a practitioner or clinic with confidence. It also enables them to leave feedback anonymously to inform other potential consumers about their experience and help them make the correct decision.

What is the future of Save Face?

The ultimate goal for me is to ensure that Save Face is the only destination that people visit to select and research non-surgical cosmetic treatments and practitioners. This is why we have invested so heavily in developing a robust and sustainable marketing campaign that is targeted to reach each primary consumer audience across a wide range of TV, media and publication outlets.

I want all consumers to be aware that for the first time they will have somewhere to go if something goes wrong with their treatment, or if they are not satisfied with the level of care that they have received.

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